Georgia Property Rental / Relocation Services

Whether you are an individual or family looking for a seamless relocate to Georgia (country), or a corporation or government organization looking to relocate your staff, we have package options and custom services to make your relocation process a breeze.

Property Rental Services

We help you secure a rental property - concierge-level assistance

Property Rental Concierge Service (Residential/Commercial)

From 950 USD + VAT

(Fee: 85% of one month's rent, Min 950 USD + VAT)

This service is designed to take the hassle out of property hunting. We can typically find a property for you within 7 to 14 days, depending on the market. The service includes:

NOTE: We DO NOT take commissions from landlords. We only represent your interests.

Benefits Of A Relocation Package

Seamless Arrival

Airport transfer, welcome pack, and welcome lunch with a local expert. Your first day, made easy. Complete relocation itinerary planning, done for you.

Accommodation Concierge

We will advise you on suitable temporary accommodation options and liaise with your booking to ensure a hassle free check-in process.

Meet Tbilisi

Explore the history of your new home with an expert guide.

Admin Handled

We help you with your admin checklist. From getting a phone number to handling bureaucratic processes and connecting home utilities. 

Personal Assistance

We are always here to assist with your requests. From translations to shipping belongings from abroad.

Community Immersion

From cultural tours to expat community events. We kick start your networking and social life.

Local Experts, Minimum Hassle

Our team guides you to the best choices for you, handles unwanted headaches, saves you time, and makes the relocation process a breeze.

Inclusions vary depending on package. See details below.

Relocation Packages - Quick Comparison

From essential assistance to a comprehensive welcome package. Discover how ExpatHub can make your relocation to Georgia a breeze. See our quick comparison here or delve into the details below.



1,200 USD*

+VAT (18%)

We assist with all the most stressful elements of relocating that you would not want to have to deal with yourself.

Airport transfer from Tbilisi airport. (Kutaisi airport transfer at additional cost).
Welcome lunch + introduction to Tbilisi neighborhoods tour (3 to 4 hours).
Accommodation concierge. We will advise you on suitable temporary accommodation options and liaise with your booking to ensure a hassle free check-in process.
Essential admin, translation, & additional concierge work (first 10 hours). Assistance getting GE phone number. 
Free access to monthly networking events @ ExpatPub.
8 Days coworking + business lunch @ ExpatHub (Vake, Tbilisi. Monday to Thursday).
Assistance with getting your belongings shipped to Georgia (does not include shipping charges and taxes).
Tax Registration at the Revenue Service (for individuals). For businesses, please see our legal service options below.
10% discount on all ExpatHub legal services for the first 6 months.
Comprehensive (non-legal) advice throughout.
1 additional adult = 300 USD. 1 or 2 additional children = 150 USD per child. For larger groups, please get a quote.



1,500 USD*

+VAT (18%)

Our comprehensive package saves you a lot more time and gives you a full welcome to the Expat community & Georgia. 

* Prices are based on the principal person. Additional family members may incur additional fees.

The above prices are the starting rates.
Please contact us for a final quote below.

Confused by any of the above? Read our FAQs below, and/or submit a quote request and ask your questions in the message section of the form.

Looking for corporate/diplomatic relocation of your team members? Get a quote!


Can I upgrade to a higher package if I realize I need additional assistance?

This can certainly be done before arrival. Once your relocation package has begun and you have arrived in Georgia, a direct upgrade will not be possible, but we are more than happy to add specific additional services if and when you require them, and they will be billed upon approval of the service by you and us.

What if the package I want has inclusions I don’t need?

Our quote estimates are based on the services you require. Our packages are designed to make it easy to select the common options that most clients need. If you need extras, or do not need all parts of the package, please let us know in your quote request, and we will factor that in when determining the final quote. 

In general, the "Essential" package is the lowest priced package, and elements cannot be removed in order to change the price. However, standalone services, like the apartment search concierge listed above, can be purchased separately in some cases.

Why upgrade to the comprehensive package?

There are a lot more inclusions, as outlined by the package specifications above.

The higher priced package is designed to save you more time by having ExpatHub perform more of the work, so you don't have to. 

It also adds in more elements related to getting to know Georgia, including a small group walking tour and an out-of-town tour experience tailored to your preferences.

How far in advance do I need to book the relocation package in order to be served?

In general, more than 10 business days in advance would be preferable to allow time to plan your relocation itinerary and book suitable accommodation (when needed). Less notice than this is possible on some occasions; our customer service team can advise on last minute availability. During peak summer season (July/August) additional notice may be required.

How long does the relocation process take?

Our example relocation itinerary can be explored above. We allow 14 days for the main process, though some clients complete it within 10 days. This would include your arrival, general acclimatization to the city, sourcing and moving into your own apartment, and getting settled. The overall process, including after care once you move in, social events, and tours of Georgia outside the city, is typically spaced over 4 to 6 weeks in total. That said, we typically continue contact with our relocation clients who need additional services, even long after the initial process is completed.

What sort of work does the admin/assistant concierge service include? 

Pretty much any admin-related task that you need done relating to your relocation and generally getting situated in Georgia. From answering your questions on demand about anything confusing, helping you to source products/furniture/homewares, setting up your utility bills in your new apartment, and much more. If you need help with something at any time during your first month (10 or 20 hours of work included, depending on your package) and if we can get it done for you, we will, so that you don't have to stress about it.

Do you offer relocation services in Batumi? Or elsewhere?

For Batumi, on special request, this is possible. Please contact us for a quote and mention that you are relocating to Batumi, and we'll confirm if we have someone available for your exact dates.

For other parts of Georgia, we typically don't offer specific relocation packages, but can offer some custom assistance packages. Please contact us with your request and we'll let you know what's possible.

Will your airport transfer pick me up in the middle of the night?

Yes, we are very aware of the number of flights arriving between 11pm and 6am to Tbilisi airport, and there is no extra fee if your flight arrives out of hours.

How does payment work, and how about refunds?

50% of the fee is paid on confirmation of the booking of the service, at which point work begins. This would normally be paid by bank transfer.

The final 50% is paid within 7 days of arrival to Georgia, either by bank transfer or in-person by card.

Refunds would be assessed on a case by case basis and are normally determined by how much work has already taken place.

Will I need to pay VAT on your service price?

VAT is applied to services provided to persons who normally reside in Georgia, or will do so imminently. For this reason, relocation is a clear statement of intention to imminently reside in Georgia, so VAT will always apply.

What may incur additional fees from ExpatHub?

Any work outside the scope and the fair use amounts for each package. No one likes surprise invoices, so our policy is to inform you in advance that we expect additional work to take place that is not covered in your package, and to give you an estimate of what that work may cost.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Marco PPCSauce
Marco PPCSauce
Top notch service; ExpatHub will go out of their way to help you even if they've already completed the main objective. Highly recommended!
Nikolay Shindarov
Nikolay Shindarov
Amazing people - friendly, nice, helpful. I had a consultation with Levan. It went great and I got essential advice. Blessings and please keep up the good work!
I booked a consultation with Levan. Very knowledgeable professional. He gave me all needed details (advantages and drawbacks) to make the right choice. The entire team was also here to answer my questions when needed during the process. I warmly recommend them.
Alexander Hu
Alexander Hu
Recommended. For all the services they offer.
As others have said, If I could give these guys 6 stars I would. GREAT service. Would recommend whole heartedly!
Nils Dannemann
Nils Dannemann
Amazing service, great team, fantastic people. Their success is well deserved. Can't recommend them enough 👍
Helena Liu
Helena Liu
If it’s possible to give them 6 stars I would! The whole team has gone above and beyond to help me set up my business inn Tbilisi. They are highly professional and responsive. I would highly recommend them! Thank you Levan, David, Nina, and Saba!

Get A Free Consultation

Considering relocating yourself or your staff to Georgia? We offer a 30 minute initial free consultation (online via Zoom), where we can discuss:

Why to relocate to Georgia.
Essential considerations & general expat life in Georgia.
Where to live & cost of living.
Relocation package options for individuals and businesses.
Objective advice, not a sales pitch.

Speak to an experienced expat member of our team who lives in Georgia and can give you the low down on what life here is really like. Available to new clients who have not used our consultation services before.