Ongoing Advisory Services

Subscribe to our ongoing advisory services. Choose one of our plans below and have ongoing access to high-level advice without hiring a single full-time employee. Opt for a more innovative and affordable way to get legal assistance from a team of attorneys and tax experts.

What do you get?

Professional legal & tax advice
Help from a team of lawyers and tax experts without hiring a single full-time employee
Advice on a variety of legal & tax issues instead of a lawyer with limited specialization

Explore Your Options

We provide legal solutions for you, your family, and your business. Just find the right subscription for you. Check out what each Ongoing Advisory Service package entails.

Individuals & Small

Medium to Large


Monthly Fee *

300 GEL

(Approx. 115 USD)

600 GEL

(Approx. 230 USD)

2,000 GEL

(Approx. 760 USD)

Annual Savings

More than 4,200 GEL

More than 8,400 GEL

More than 12,000 GEL

Discount **




Legal & Tax Advice

3 half-hour consultations per year / up to 1 per month

6 half-hour consultations per year / up to 2 per month

18 full-hour consultations per year / up to 2 per month

Legal & Tax Research

hours of research per year / up to 0.5 per month

hours of research per year / up to 2 per month

18 hours of research per year / up to 2 per month

Other Legal Assistance

Up to 30 minutes per month

Up to 60 minutes per month

Up to 5 hours per month

Administrative Assistance

Up to 1 hour per month

Up to 2 hours per month

Up to 8 hours per month

Power of Attorney Drafting ***

Not included

1 per month


Virtual Address

Not included

Not included

1 during full duration

* VAT (18%) may apply

** Applies on hourly services and flat fee services not covered in your subscription

*** Notary fees not covered

Confused by any of the above? Email us at

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We provide legal solutions for you, your family, and your business. Just find the right subscription for you. Check out what each Ongoing Advisory Service package entails.

Or, if you have questions, email us at

International Standard, Local Pricing

Why ExpatHub?

Starting life in a new country is confusing. We know because we faced all the same challenges you will, when we first moved here. But we solved those challenges and hired a team of expert, bilingual accountants and lawyers to help you get setup in Georgia, easier than ever before.


All Your Legal, Tax, Relocation, Business, Immigration & Accountancy Needs Solved In One Place.

ONLY English-Speaking Staff

Native English Speaking, Or Fluent Bilingual. Your Questions Will Never Be Lost In Translation.

No “Tourist Tax”

Fair, Transparent Pricing For Foreigners.

International Standards

We Bring An International Level Of Service, Logic, Resourcefulness, Confidentiality & Data Protection To All Our Services In Georgia. 

Honest, Fact Checked Advice

We Provide Creative, Tailored Solutions Which Will Never Leave You Exposed.

Oleg Geranin
Oleg Geranin
Used their services for purchasing a real estate. Everything was super fast, straightforward and on point. Worth the price! Special thanks to Nata, absolutely loved our communication!
RS Arizar
RS Arizar
Great Team: very friendly, helpful and always keeping you informed during the process. Amazed by the patience of their Team members towards 3rd parties: They helped me through the entire process for registering, meeting in person and via PoA at the Public Service Hall including all translation & communication. I certainly recommend working with them.
Marco PPCSauce
Marco PPCSauce
Top notch service; ExpatHub will go out of their way to help you even if they've already completed the main objective. Highly recommended!
Nikolay Shindarov
Nikolay Shindarov
Amazing people - friendly, nice, helpful. I had a consultation with Levan. It went great and I got essential advice. Blessings and please keep up the good work!
I booked a consultation with Levan. Very knowledgeable professional. He gave me all needed details (advantages and drawbacks) to make the right choice. The entire team was also here to answer my questions when needed during the process. I warmly recommend them.
Alexander Hu
Alexander Hu
Recommended. For all the services they offer.
As others have said, If I could give these guys 6 stars I would. GREAT service. Would recommend whole heartedly!

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