Do you qualify to enter the Republic of Georgia right now? If so, what is the easiest way to do it, and what is the procedure to get it done?

With many restrictions because of COVID and certain countries no longer having the same permission to enter as they did before, in this article, we sum up your options and next steps.

Flight reopenings have been postponed month on month and are currently postponed until Dec 31st.

Following the recent Government elections and the spike in COVID cases, tougher restriction are now in place from Nov 28th to Jan 31st for those living in Georgia. Most non essential shops are closed, intercity travel has been restricted, restaurants are now take-away only. Curfew is enforced from 9pm to 5am daily.

Article Last Updated 2nd Dec 2020

Check out this quick chart to see how you may qualify, and then read the full info on each outcome below.

Options For Entry, Image Updated 14th Sept 2020 – current as of 12th November except visitors from the “other approved EU countries” now have an option to self isolate, more info below.

*NOTE: With regulations changing frequently, this article is for information only and we cannot guarantee day by day accuracy, though we are attempting to update this resource as and when new information arises.

Georgian Passport Holder

(This also applies to the spouse or dependants of a Georgian passport holder. Marriage or birth certificate should be presented to board flights and clear passport control, contact your local Georgian consulate for more precise details)

If you are a Georgian citizen, trying to get home this will of course be possible. Call the hotline at and they’ll explain the options you have.

For Georgian citizens, quarantine will be paid for by the state. Self isolation is now more common but you must have documentation proving a PCR test within the last 72 hours in order to self isolate. Otherwise you will be quarantined for 8 days. From the same source:

If you are unsure, as a citizen, call the help line to confirm your exact situation

If you are a Georgian legal resident, not citizen, sadly the same entry access is not being granted at this time, unless you are a family member of a Georgian citizen.

Citizens & Legal Residents Of One Of The 5 “Green Zone” Countries

If you hold a passport from and are flying direct to Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi airport (Though, in reality, flights to Kutaisi and Batumi are likely not actually going to fly right now, even if advertised) from:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Latvia
  • Estonia
  • Lithuania

You will be able to arrive to Georgia no matter the purpose of your trip.

To visit Georgia, register online.

You will be required to partake in a PCR test on arrival or to provide evidence of a PCR test conducted within the last 72 hours. No quarantine is required if you test negative.

Citizens & Legal Residents Of The “Safer” EU Countries

Georgia has agreements with certain countries which didn’t make it into the “green” category above.

These are mostly EU countries that will accept visitors from Georgia. So if your country of residency has an agreement with Georgia, you may be eligible. At time of writing, this includes:

Italy, Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, and Iceland.

If you arrive as a tourist, the options are:

“A) A person arriving from a foreign country must present at the border checkpoints a document confirming the PCR examination conducted during the last 72 hours before the visit to Georgia, after which he/she will be subject to self-isolation;

B) if the person fails to submit the document confirming the PCR examination , he/she will be subject to mandatory quarantine;” – Source

If using option A: You must provide evidence of your accommodation for self isolation where you will stay for at least 8 days and not leave. 

If option B: A mandatory PCR test will be given on arrival, at own expense. 8 day quarantine required, at own expense, hotel assigned to you.

Under these agreements, you can also visit Georgia as a business traveler (no quarantine), if you qualify, read more below.

To visit Georgia as a tourist, register online.

The requirements & application form for business travelers are here.

Other Business Travelers

If you are not a citizen or legal resident of any of the countries listed in the previous sections, you may still be able to travel to Georgia if you are invited to visit by a Georgian business (legal entity) on the basis of essential business travel for purposes that cannot be carried out virtually.

As a business traveler you have the option to enter Georgia at airports as well as some land borders. You will undergo a PCR test on arrival, at own expense. Additional tests will be given every 72 hours for 8 days. If you test positive at any time, or show any potential signs of COVID or other risk factors, you will be quarantined.

The Application Form Is Here

Some common FAQs on the business travel permit:

What must be included in the invitation letter from the inviting company?

The invitation must be drawn up on the official form of the organization (if any) and signed by an authorized person and include:

  • Name of the organization and identification code;
  • The position of the authorized person;
  • Data of the invited person (name, surname, passport #, etc.)
  • Information on the purpose, term and duration of the visit;
  • Justification of the importance of the visit;

The inviting organization must confirm in writing that:

  • Together with the invited person, the organization is responsible for fulfilling the individual conditions and rules defined for invited person during the border crossing and his / her stay in Georgia.
  • The company will reimburse any costs associated with diagnostic testing, quarantine and / or COVID-19 treatment, if required.

Can I Invite Myself?

Technically, you can invite yourself via your own business. Especially if you own a Georgian business and your presence is required for the ongoing success of that business. The sticking point will be if you are the sole authorized person within that business and your name is both the invitee and the authorized person. That could raise questions that get the application rejected.

So, as an individual entrepreneur of Georgia, inviting yourself is most likely to fail. As a director of an LLC or corporation where a second director or authorized person could sign the invitation letter, you have much higher chance. 

If you attempt any of the above options and succeed or fail, please contact with your story.

Additional details on the some specific conditions surrounding the above types of entry can be found on the official government website.

Remote Workers

If you are a remote worker who earns more than $2,000 per month, for the last 12 months, then you may qualify to enter Georgia on the basis of your profession. You must select a Tbilisi hotel in advance in order to be quarantined (8 days, own expense).

Our full article on the requirements and how to apply is here.

The article also contains a growing FAQ section listing some of the most important information.


If you are enrolled on a course with a Georgian educational institution, you might qualify for entry under the student permit.

The form involves a lot of questions, pay attention to which are *required and which are not, as things like filling in your residence permit info are not actually required as many students will not have one.

Apply here

Note: Students are still be expected to quarantine for 12 days, rather than the 8 days everyone else is.

Don’t Qualify With The Above?

At this time the borders are closed unless you qualify through one of the above options. We expect updates and changes to policy in Early November.


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