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Find Out How Our All-Inclusive* Real Estate Agent Package Costs Less Than a Traditional Agent, but Includes Much More!

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*ExpatHub Includes: Proactive Dedicated Account Manager, All Negotiations on Your Behalf, All Legal Fees, Property Inspection, Pre-Viewing & Remote Video Viewing & More.

ExpatHub Buyers' Agents Represent YOUR Interests, Not The Sellers'.

How Traditional (Sellers') Agents Work:

Hidden pricing. They add their commission (typically 3% to 5%) onto the price the owner wants. Then present that loaded price to you.
Represent the Sellers' interests, not yours, as the seller pays them.
Includes viewings & sale facilitation only. They don't provide services like account management/research, legal work, property inspection, etc. They meet you at viewings, from their limited portfolio only. If you don't like the few they represent, you need to start again with another agent.  Eventually, they make the sale happen. That's it.

How ExpatHub (Buyers') Agents Work:

Transparent pricing. 2.5%* - lower than typical sellers' agents. Our fees are detailed more below.
Represent you, the buyer. In the vast majority of cases, we direct go to the owners/developers and negotiate the best price, without hidden agent fees loaded on top.
All-inclusive purchasing. Everything you need to complete the sale is Included in our 2.5%* fee (see the big list of inclusions below). PLUS having a Proactive Dedicated Account Manager scour the whole market* on your behalf, so you can just sit back and let us find your ideal property while never having to contact sellers' agents yourself, ever! ExpatHub are the first and only agent you will ever need.

Our Strong Belief is that You Deserve More for Your Money

You deserve the high level of proactive service from a dedicated account manager, that you'd expect in other markets. 

PLUS Transparent pricing, negotiation on your behalf, and additional services, like legal lees (inc. local PoA remote purchasing, when required), transfer of title fees, property inspection, and pre-viewing & remote video viewing. ALL included.

So, That's What We Provide. For Just 2.5%*.

Speak to our consultants, free, or see our full inclusions below. 

Get tailored advice about the market.
No obligation information call. Not a sales call.

Or take a look at detailed case studies from past clients.


* How do we represent the whole market?

Seller's agents rarely ever share commissions, so this limits their portfolio, as taking you to see any property that is represented by someone else means they’ll normally forfeit their commission to another agent.

Buyers' agents, like us, don’t take commissions from the owner/developer so the price isn't loaded with the sellers' agent's commissions. So, we can go to any seller or developer and we don’t need to worry about losing a commission - we are paid for by you, the buyer. In 90% of cases, we bypass agents altogether and pass on the usual seller commissions to you as savings.

* Minimum all-inclusive package price is 7,500 GEL + VAT.

What ExpatHub Customers Are Saying

Oleg Geranin
Oleg Geranin
Used their services for purchasing a real estate. Everything was super fast, straightforward and on point. Worth the price! Special thanks to Nata, absolutely loved our communication!
RS Arizar
RS Arizar
Great Team: very friendly, helpful and always keeping you informed during the process. Amazed by the patience of their Team members towards 3rd parties: They helped me through the entire process for registering, meeting in person and via PoA at the Public Service Hall including all translation & communication. I certainly recommend working with them.
Marco PPCSauce
Marco PPCSauce
Top notch service; ExpatHub will go out of their way to help you even if they've already completed the main objective. Highly recommended!
Nikolay Shindarov
Nikolay Shindarov
Amazing people - friendly, nice, helpful. I had a consultation with Levan. It went great and I got essential advice. Blessings and please keep up the good work!
I booked a consultation with Levan. Very knowledgeable professional. He gave me all needed details (advantages and drawbacks) to make the right choice. The entire team was also here to answer my questions when needed during the process. I warmly recommend them.
Alexander Hu
Alexander Hu
Recommended. For all the services they offer.
As others have said, If I could give these guys 6 stars I would. GREAT service. Would recommend whole heartedly!

ExpatHub All-Inclusive Buyers' Agent Package vs. Typical Sellers' Agent: Price Comparison

All-Inclusive Property Purchasing for Less Than a Typical Agent.
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Cut through the unregulated, messy Georgian real estate market.

Our Buyers' real estate agents are ready to solve your purchasing headaches and bypass the unforeseen issues you don’t even realize you are going to have.


Will developers / owner's sell direct to you?

In a nutshell, sometimes.

- Unlike private owners, developers typically include the expected agent fee in listings. They won't remove that fee for a consumer as they still have to pay their in-house agent staff, or a 3rd-party agent, as they don't want to deal directly with consumers who are typically inexperienced in real estate purchasing - especially if you are not Georgian and aware of local rules and customs.

- Owner's may not speak English, also very few owners advertise directly, so there is normally an agent in the way because owners mostly don't want to deal with buyers directly. But they will deal direct with agents, like us, as we have the expertise to make the sale easy for them and do the work.

ExpatHub have a working relationship with many developers so that you do not get charged the usual advertized price that includes agents fees.

Summary: There are some limited possibilities to do all the leg work yourself, and find a few owners who will speak English and work with you directly and remove the agent commission fee. But this is a very limited number of options. Normally, you just end up paying the same hidden fees you normally would to an agent, but doing all the leg work yourself.

What if ExpatHub can't get me the property price lower than the original list price online?

If you are not happy with the final price we negotiate, you have the option for us to keep looking for other options. Given our access direct to owners and developers is significantly more extensive than independent buyers' or any traditional sellers' agent, we can normally get you the right price quite quickly.

100% of all our past clients have been happy with the final property we found them the final price, once negotiated, and gone on to purchase. 90% of all our past deals have been direct to developers or owners and have bypassed sellers' agents entirely. Being an agency and having extensive experience and contacts, these direct deals are much easier to find and secure than if you just do an online search yourself.

It is of course in our interests to find you the right property and price quickly. But our service is not limited to the initial search and negotiation, and our agents will continue on your behalf until you are happy. If we weren't good at this process, then we wouldn't be able to do this cost-effectively. But our clients get the results they want within our usual time frame, so it turns out we are pretty good at this!

Our commitment is 100% satisfaction and sales completion for all our clients.

How are payments for your service made?

- 30% of the expected final sale price, at the commencement of our agreement. The work of your account manager is labor intensive, and personalized just to you. This downpayment covers our large time commitment to you from the start. As we have 100% customer satisfaction with this process, there has never been a case where we could not find a property of interest to every client.
- 50% once you have agreed to purchase a property, prior to the commencement of due diligence work.
- 20% ( ± The difference between the estimated sale price and the final sale price) immediately prior to the final signing of the purchase agreement.

How can you provide all these extras for less than the cost of a basic agent?

1. Because it's still profitable for us to do so, even with all these inclusions. Most regular agents are overcharging for the basic, minimal services they provide in Georgia - which are a lot less than you'd get from a professional real estate agent in most countries.

2. Because we are a law firm, so many of the additional services we offer are in-house, so cost us less than if you had to pay retail price to a 3rd party.

3. We are not a traditional Real Estate Agency. We operate a streamlined, mostly digital & remote model for our Real Estate Services business, so our overall costs are lower in general.

What Power of Attorney (PoA) is included in the price?

A local Power of Attorney can be obtained by attending a notary appointment with one of our legal representatives in Georgia. We provide the paperwork to meet the requirements of what powers you wish to give to our legal department (from the right to make the purchase, to rights at your bank etc. it's your choice!). With the PoA completed, we can represent you so that you don't have to turn up to certain appointments or take certain actions yourself.

This means we can even complete the real estate purchase entirely on your behalf - which is very useful if you are frequently outside Georgia and may need to complete the purchase quickly once the property sale is agreed upon with the seller.

The *included* PoA is a local PoA applied for in person in Georgia. If you will NOT be visiting Georgia at all and need to arrange a Georgian PoA remotely, that process is significantly more complex and expensive. Please contact us, or discuss this on your free consultation call, in order to confirm the details and requirements.

For a comprehensive picture of the whole ExpatHub Buyers' Agent process, how it works, and what is included, download our brochure:

Free Real Estate Consultation

Considering buying or renting in Georgia? We offer a free 30 minute consultation with our Real Estate experts, where we can discuss:

Real Estate In Georgia (Overview).
Where To Buy or Rent.
Yields & Investment advice.
Banking, Mortgage & Financial Information.
General Info On Expat Life, Rental & Resale Potential.
And More!
Objective Advice, Not A Sales Pitch.

Because we are a law firm, not a typical real estate agency, our interests align with yours. Our consultation is an information call, not a sales call.

Calls do not include legal advice. Please book a premium consultation with a lawyer if you need legal assistance: ₾300 GEL per hour + VAT (when applicable). In-person or online via Zoom. 

This consultation is available to everyone - even if you have had a free legal / tax / immigration consultation with us in the past.

Highly Recommended

"I went in for a free consultation and was very impressed with the amount of information I was given. I had done a bit of research online myself but their knowledgable staff helped me to understand everything much better and really helped me with my inquiry. Highly recommended ExpatHub services - wish I had just gone to see them from the very beginning!"

- Megan