Tbilisi Virtual Office &
Tbilisi Virtual Address

For Georgian business owners who need a reception and/or legal address.

Get a Tbilisi virtual office (and reception) or Tbilisi virtual address. Available to anyone with a registered business or planning to open a business in Georgia. If you are a foreign company in need of a Georgian address, please contact us for more information and describe your requirements.

What is the difference between a Tbilisi virtual office and Tbilisi virtual address?

A virtual address is simply a legal address which you can use for your business registration in Georgia. It is a mandatory legal requirement to have a legal address, and the owner of that address must sign an agreement consenting that you can use their address. We do this on your behalf when you use our legal address.

Our virtual office service can be a reception and delivery address, a collection point and place for office services, like printing and mail forwarding. Whereas, the virtual address cannot be used for anything apart from legal processes and associated notices from government agencies.

Tbilisi Virtual Office / Address Packages

From a simple legal address to full reception, mail, and phone answering services.

Virtual Address

Annual Fee:

₾390 GEL

Per Year +VAT (18%)

It is mandatory for all Georgian businesses to have a legal address which must be signed for by the address owner.

Georgian Legal Address (mandatory for business registration) in a prestigious district in Tbilisi.
Separate mailing address to our office address.
Your legal mail from government agencies, scanned and emailed to you (up to 5 pieces per month).
Annual service contract (renewable).
Digi-signing of address to your current or new business.

*Note: Advertising our address publicly online and in marketing materials with the "Virtual Address" and "Virtual Office Standard" packages is prohibited and can result in termination of service without refund. Please select the "Virtual Office Premium" to use our address publicly.

Virtual Office Standard

Annual Fee:

₾800 GEL

Per Year +VAT (18%)

We will receive your mail and packages from any sender and coordinate documents on your behalf.

All inclusions in the Virtual Address Package.
Receipt of packages and mail from any sender (Up to 10 items per month).
* Mail scanned and emailed to you. Packages and mail can be collected from us or delivered/forwarded (fees apply). 
* We hold your packages securely for up to 30 days.
* We insure packages up to the value of 100 GEL only.
* For oversized packages, please inform us in advance (fees may apply).
Document printing.
* Up to 20 pages (b&w) and 5 pages (color) per month.
* Additional pages charged at 0.2 GEL per page (b&w), 1 GEL per page (color). Documents can be collected, or mailed/delivered (at your own expense).

Virtual Office Premium

Annual Fee:

₾3,000 GEL

Per Year +VAT (18%)

Full reception, phone answering, and more. Custom options available on request.

All inclusions in the Virtual Office Standard package.
Reception service.
* We greet visitors and can direct them to your website or provide them with your business cards or marketing materials (at your own expense).
* We answer pre-determined questions (see details below).
* As this is a virtual office, your customers will not have access to our full office facilities- only to reception to collect items, etc.
A dedicated Georgian phone number for your business. 
* We can answer calls, WhatsApp, and Viber on your behalf.
You can list our address as your office address on your website. But not on Google Maps or review sites of any kind.
Document printing.
* Up to 100 pages (b&w) and 10 pages (color) per month included.

General FAQs

Why do I need a virtual address?

Every business from individual to corporation is required by law to have a permanent legal address in Georgia. This address cannot be a property you rent; it must be owned by either yourself, your business, or your legal representative.

If you do not have a property owner willing to sign as your legal representative, ExpatHub can be your legal representative.

Why can’t I use my rental address?

The Georgian government needs a way to keep track of businesses in Georgia. With a temporary address, it would be too easy for people to open a business and then disappear.

How do I renew?

We’ll notify you when your renewal date is approaching and you can make your next annual or quarterly payment.

If payment is not made by the deadline, we will begin the simple legal proceedings to have our address removed from your business, at which time your business will not be able to legally operate until a new legal address is added.

Can I cancel or get a refund?

You can cancel anytime and our address can be removed from your business immediately or at the end of the contract term. Refunds are not possible on the virtual address or virtual office standard packages once the address has been added to your business registration.

For virtual office premium packages, or for virtual office standard where our virtual address was not used for your businesses’ legal address, a pro-rated refund is normally possible.

I already opened a business, can I switch to your address?

Yes. Please use the buy now button above, fill out the form, and detail your needs, and we can make the arrangements to assist with the transfer.

What documents can be supplied to prove this is my address?

Your business registration document, contained in the national registry, is an official government document showing your legal address.

The Revenue Service will also register your legal address to your account and you can request documents containing your address from them in person or through the online portal.

Can I add the virtual office/address onto my website, Google Maps and other online services as my business address?

This is only possible for virtual office premium customers. If you have virtual office premium you can certainly include our address on your website and other marketing materials. But you absolutely cannot list it on Google Maps or any other review sites.

For non-premium customers, you should not publicly advertise our address. Doing this would be in breach of our terms and conditions and you would have 14 days to remove such an online listing, or our agreement will be terminated without refund and our legal address will be removed from your business on the registry. The reason for this is that we will not be handling customers on your behalf unless you pay for the premium service.

However, both standard and premium virtual office packages do allow you to pass the address to companies privately for the purposes of sending mail/packages.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my package?

You can always opt to upgrade your package at any time. For downgrades, they can be applied from the end of your current contract period in most cases. Or with virtual office premium, a combination of refund and downgrade is sometimes possible.

Virtual Office Premium FAQs

How do I get a phone number?

You can visit any Georgian cell provider (we suggest Magti, but Beeline is also ok), and use your passport to get a SIM card. 

We can obtain a SIM card for you using a Power of Attorney, if required.

You can supply us with a handset, or we can purchase one on your behalf (at your own expense).

In what way will you answer my calls?

To your specifications. Each company phone will have 5 associated scripts which our agents can either read or copy-paste. We can provide information on how to contact you via your website or email. Or, we can take a message and send it to you. 

We can answer in either English or Georgian.

This is a customer forwarding and message service only. If you need full customer support services, please contact us to discuss options. Up to 5 types of copy-paste responses can be supplied for our agents to read/send to the caller. Fair use policy applies, see below.

What is the fair use policy?

Approx. 50 replies per month, or up to 5 hours of work by our reception staff. If we believe your volume is exceeding this limit, we will notify you. You can either purchase additional monthly reception hours (150 GEL + VAT per 5 hour block), or redirect certain lines of communication away from our team. Or we can turn the phone off once your monthly limit is reached.

Where is your reception, and what are your reception hours?

35 Lavrenti Ardaziani street, Saburtalo. Hours are Monday to Friday, 10am to 5pm.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Alen Kresic
Alen Kresic
Excellent service! I personally spoke with Mariam Tolordava via Zoom and she answered all my questions in detail. I definitely recommend!
CJ Visser
CJ Visser
Fantastic services! They helped me with tax, residency, property purchases and much more. (No task is too big or too small for them) Very professional, friendly, and on time. Your first stop as an English-speaking expat if you want to get everything done right.
Bernadette van Schalkwyk
Bernadette van Schalkwyk
Brain and his college Mariam really went out of their way to help me find a place to stay here in Tbilisi Georgia. I recommend their services.
Duane Lawrence
Duane Lawrence
I recently used the services of ExpatHub GE when acquiring an apartment in Tbilisi. From the very start of our interaction they were absolutely professional. In fact they exceeded my expectations in many areas. Mariam is an amazing account manager. She is quite knowledgeable and she genuinely seeks to protect your interest throughout the process. Hands down they are the best and I have no hesitation is using their service again or recommending them.
Ryan Lim
Ryan Lim
used the free 30 mins service first to clarify a bunch of details before moving over to the paid service Overall definitely very helpful since the 30 mins service alone is technically enough information for me to do it on my own, but honestly speaking it isn't worth the trouble and their fee are reasonable
Nazarana Mubarak
Nazarana Mubarak
First time I visited India dubai queen event it was so amazingly conducted and with so yummy lunch as well.Also they provided return gifts to us it was also so good to have.overall it’s amazing and we had a nice experience over there. I Would highly recommend for whoever wanting to Content any events or functions.
Павел Захаров
Павел Захаров
Highly professional consulting & service Full set of informative documents with comprehensive comments on the site.