Advanced Tax Rulings (ATRs) & Dispute Resolution

Tax & Civil Disputes

Whether you are involved in a tax or a civil dispute, ExpatHub has a team of tax experts and licensed attorneys that will be able to assist you.

Our team members have experience of representation in courts, arbitration, and mediation, as well as dispute settlements and negotiations.

To find out what each entails, read more details below.

How Does Pricing Work?

Each ATR, tax appeal & dispute is unique. The time required is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the payable service fee is determined accordingly.

If you wish to get a quote, we advise you to discuss your case with one of our specialists and make an informed decision about your options.

Advanced Tax Rulings (ATRs)

You have a new and innovative idea and you have decided to execute it. But your potential tax liabilities seem unclear. You can have our tax experts request an Advanced Tax Ruling (ATR) and make your case in front of the Revenue Service agents.

At the end of the process, the government authorities will issue an Advanced Tax Ruling which gives you full clarity as to what will be your tax liabilities. Thus, our team helps you avoid headaches and maximizes your chances of getting your projected outcome.

Check out our article regarding Tax Opinions & ATRs here.

Tax Appeals

Has the Revenue Service misqualified your case and fined you?

Our tax specialists will provide consultation, assist you with filing a tax appeal, and represent your interests in front of the Dispute Resolution Board.

With the help of professionals, you can get your fine withdrawn or reduced significantly.

Civil Disputes

You may have somehow found yourself in a dispute. This can be because someone has filed a lawsuit against you, or you have a claim against someone.

There are multiple ways of resolving a dispute. This includes negotiation and mediation – resolving amicably, as well as arbitration and litigation – presenting your case in front of a judge or an arbitrator. Our lawyers have experience in each of these dispute-resolution methods.

Negotiation and Settlement

Negotiating terms of the dispute and finalizing with a settlement enables you to avoid costly procedures such as arbitration and litigation in court. The process can also be much faster and less draining.

This process usually ends with a written agreement. Thus, it is important to include a legal advisor to make sure that the negotiated terms are clearly outlined in the agreement.


If negotiations fail, you can always try mediation - a process which involves the parties resolving their own dispute with the assistance of a neutral third person - a mediator.

Mediation enables you to maintain a friendly relationship and address the concerns that cannot be addressed in arbitration and court.

While it is not mandatory to be represented by a lawyer in a mediation process, their involvement can make the mediation more fruitful. This is even more true if the lawyer has also experience mediating disputes or representing in mediation processes. Our team has the membership of the Mediators Association of Georgia.

At the end of the mediation, the parties sign a mediation agreement which is best to be drafted with the involvement of a lawyer.


When it is not possible to resolve the dispute through peaceful means, and parties have an arbitration agreement, the dispute can be resolved by an arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators.

While it can be more costly, the major advantages of arbitration are that it is confidential, there is only one instance, and the parties have the freedom to choose their own arbitrators.

The process ends with an arbitral award that can be enforced - just like a court decision.


The traditional and most common way of resolving disputes is through litigation - in courts. The process involves the claimant filing a lawsuit, the respondent submitting a response, oral hearings being held, and a judge making a decision.

The decision can then be appealed against twice (in the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court).

Litigation Costs

The costs of court proceedings involve different court and extra-judicial costs. Depending on the circumstances, litigation can be costly. But the winning party is still protected.

Court Costs

Court costs consist of state fees and costs associated with a case hearing.

The court costs incurred by the winning party is compensated by the other party. If a lawsuit was satisfied in part, then each party shall bear the proportion of the court costs in proportion to the portion of the claim not satisfied by the court.

Extra-Judicial Costs

Extra-judicial costs mainly refers to attorney fees and costs incurred for providing evidence, as well as other necessary costs of the parties.

Upon the request of the winning party, attorney fees are also subject to compensation. The court will order the losing party to compensate them within reasonable limits, not exceeding 4% of the subject matter of a dispute. For non-property disputes, the upper limit is 2000 GEL.

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