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Summary Of Services

From basic diligence checks, to comprehensive conveyancing and buy-side assistance. ExpatHub can safeguard your property purchase with international standard real estate legal services.

Pre-Purchase Consultation

Considering buying in Georgia? We offer a free 30 minute consultation with our buy-side experts, where we can discuss:

Real Estate In Georgia (Overview).
Where To Buy. Yields & Investment advice
Banking, Mortgage & Financial Information.
General Info On Expat Life, Rental & Resale Potential.
And More!
Objective Advice, Not A Sales Pitch.

Because we are a law firm, not a typical real estate agency, our interests align with yours. Our consultation is an information call, not a sales call.

This consultation is available to everyone - even if you have had a free legal / tax / immigration consultation with us in the past. 

Calls do not include legal advice. Please book a premium consultation with a lawyer if you need legal assistance: ₾300 GEL per hour + VAT (when applicable). In-person or online via Zoom.

Real Estate Legal Service

From basic legal checks to full negotiation assistance. Discover how ExpatHub can protect your real estate purchase in Georgia. For full buy-side real estate service, see the next section.

Due Diligence

₾250 GEL

+VAT (18%)

Renewing extract
Checking the owner's background: listings in the debtor’s registry, ownership of other immovable property by the seller, ownership of shares in a Georgia company by the seller
Identifying the characteristics of the property (i.e., address, area)
Checking registered legal defects (liens, mortgages, restrictions, obligations, etc.)
Checking the signatory's Power of Attorney (if the agreement is signed by a third party)

Preparing Registration Documents

Using our bilingual (Georgian & English) pre-purchase/purchase agreement

Inserting the basic information in our template
Making minor changes to our template
Heavy editing for an additional fee of ₾250 GEL + VAT per hour

₾500 GEL

+VAT (18%)


Our Review of party pre-purchase/purchase agreement

₾75 GEL

Per Page +VAT (18%)

Reviewing and identifying the provisions that undermine the buyer’s interests
Emphasizing significant terms of the agreement
Proposing additions and corrections that protect the buyer’s interests
Doing translation check

In-person Assistance With the Registration

₾500 GEL

+VAT (18%)

Accompanying the client to the Public Service Hall, bank, or notary
Signing in the capacity of a translator (only if using our pre-purchase/purchase agreement)
Government fee for 4 business day transfer of title procedure (same day and 1 business day transfer fee not included)

Representation Before the Seller

₾250 GEL

Per Hour + VAT (18%)

Establishing communication with the seller
Negotiating terms of the sales agreement on your behalf
Organizing procedure of the payment and property registration

Supplementary Services

Local (Georgian) Power of Attorney

Drafting a PoA tailored to the buyer’s needs
Accompanying to the notary office
Notary fee for notarizing 1 original and 2 copies of the Power of Attorney

₾400 GEL

+VAT (18%)

Foreign Power of Attorney

Drafting a PoA tailored to the buyer’s needs
Translating the original Power of Attorney (only from English)
Notary fee for notarizing 1 original and 2 copies of the Power of Attorney and its translation

₾600 GEL

+VAT (18%)

Administrative Assistance

₾125 GEL

Per Hour + VAT (18%)

Legal By The Hour

₾250 GEL

Per Hour + VAT (18%)

Tax Advice

₾600 GEL

Per Hour + VAT (18%)

* Detailed information on our hourly services can be found below.

Any one or multiple Real Estate Legal Service can selected.

Confused by any of the above? Read our FAQs below, and/or submit a quote request and ask your questions in the message section of the form.
Or get a detailed overview of all our real estate services and what they entail here.

Buy-Side Real Estate Service

Comprehensive purchase/research assistance and legal work. Start to finish premium real estate service, from initial property research, through due diligence, purchase, and post-purchase.

Why This Package Makes The Difference:

Done For You - Saves you a huge amount of time & research and avoids many potential mistakes. We do most of the work for you.
We Represent Your Interests - Unlike real estate agents, we do not take a commission from the seller, so we represent you objectively.
Expert Advice - Our knowledge of the market helps you to make the right choices and get a fair deal.
Expert Assistance - We are on call to help every step of the way.
No Language Barrier - Our fluent bilingual staff prevent your deal from getting lost in translation.
Avoid Common Scams & Issues - We spot these for you and resolve them before they can become concerns.
Priority Legal Assistance - From due diligence to offer negotiations and more, our lawyers are ready to make the difference.

Buy-Side Premium


₾9,500 GEL

+VAT (18%)

Fee: 2.5% of expected single property purchase value. Min 9,500 GEL, max 24,000 GEL + VAT.

Comprehensive assistance & legal from initial idea to final sale.

Legal Services:
Due Diligence
Preparing Registration Documents
In-person Assistance With the Registration
Tax Advice
Expert market analysis and real estate consultation/advice throughout the process.
In-depth property research and selection to meet your criteria.
Pre-screening, virtual tours, and in-person viewing assistance / translating.
Handling all dealings and negotiations from start to completed sale.
Banking advice & assistance with transfer of funds.
Property tax/rental income tax structure analysis and consultation.
20% discount on our property tax and rental income tax filing services.

* All third party services and products may incur additional fees, paid directly by you to the provider. We do not receive commissions on referrals  from sellers.

Buy-Side Premium Plus


₾13,000 GEL

+VAT (18%)

Fee: 3.5% of expected single property purchase value. Min 13,000 GEL, max 33,000 GEL + VAT.

Premium + extended assistance and after-sale care

Everything in the Buy-Side (Premium Real Estate) package.
Connecting you with contractors for repairs / renovations* (post-purchase). Including: architect/builder to assess planning permission options for renovations (pre or post-purchase, as well as assistance with city hall about proposed building plans).
Assisting with setting up all utilities.
Initial listing of property for rental and hosting viewings to find your first tenant.
Connecting you with rental management companies.*
Assisting with moving in (hiring movers) & sourcing furniture.*
Initial listing of property for rental. Connecting you with rental management agents.
1st annual property and rental tax filing service includedOngoing 20% discount on our property tax and rental income tax filing services.
5 Additional hours of general assistance to use as you need (admin, research, translation, etc.)
Power of Attorney representation for transfer of title (optional, included).

"Done For You" Property Purchasing

Our Real Estate service will take you from initial interest through to final purchase and beyond.

In addition to taking care of the conveyancing (legal/due diligence work), our team will assist you in both research, pre-screening, negotiations, and even helping you find tenants for your newly acquired house, apartment, or commercial space. Avoid getting the “foreigner” price on your property and let our in-house Georgian staff negotiate on your behalf.

NOTE: Contrary to most other buy-side agents, we never accept "kick-backs" from sellers, keeping our interests always aligned with yours.

For a comprehensive picture of the whole buy-side process, how it works, and what is included, download our brochure:

Schedule of Fees:

25% of expected final sale price, at commencement of our agreement.
25% once you have agreed to purchase a property, prior to the commencement of due diligence work.
50% ( ± The difference between the estimated sale price and the final sale price) immediately prior to final signing of the purchase agreement.

Do I need to be present in Georgia to start or complete the purchase?


With a power of attorney and apostilled passport we can complete every step of the process for you remotely. Funds for the actual purchase would need to be transferred directly to the seller as we cannot act as an intermediary for funds transfer.

Are there any additional fees?

Additional fees for 3rd party providers may apply, as marked above. Power of Attorney (optional) fees may apply. Typically there are no other additional fees relating to the stated inclusions, but we can discuss any possible additional costs at your initial consultation.

If you intend to conduct the purchase remotely, either entirely or partly, your power of attorney (if signed outside of Georgia) and other international documents may need to be notarized or apostilled in your home country, at your own expense.

Real Estate Inspection Service

Provided By Our Partner

Real estate inspection is common in many countries, but Georgia hasn't quite caught up on this process yet. There is no body or guild offering consistent inspections, which is why we had to create our own service to help with this urgent need. 

Get a detailed inspection that could save you thousands of dollars from our partner - Professional, independent reports from local qualified experts.

As our clients have discovered, a real estate inspection can reveal tens of thousands of dollars of difference in the actual value of the property compared to the list price, as well as unexpected future costs.

From ~$400 USD:

₾1,200 GEL

+VAT (18%). 

Administrative Assistance, Legal By The Hour & Tax Advice

Custom work for all your real estate legal needs.

Administrative Assistance

If you have received service in Georgia, you have probably experienced language barrier. To avoid complications, our competent bilingual staff can provide administrative assistance.

Hourly fee for our administrative assistance: ₾125 GEL + VAT (18%) per hour.

Contact us with your requirements.

Legal By The Hour

Not seeing something listed above?

Our standard legal by the hour rate for real estate is 250 GEL + VAT (18%) per hour. This includes custom consultation services.

Contact us with your needs and questions and we can get you a quote for the services you need.

Hourly Add-On Service: In-depth written analysis (legal opinion) of the purchase/pre-purchase agreement for you to review.

Tax Advice

Are you wondering what tax liabilities your real estate transaction may trigger?

Do you want to know what tax obligations renting your real estate can create?

Our tax law experts can help you structure your transaction optimally & analyze your case for an hourly fee of  ₾600 GEL + VAT (18%) per hour.


Is the “Lite” package sufficient?

Is the “Lite” package sufficient?

The Lite package includes background checks on the seller and an analysis of the purchase agreement to let you know potential problems that may undermine your interests.

Is this package legally sufficient? All our legal work is to the highest possible standard, but the Lite package has many important exclusions, so it depends on how much of the process you feel confident to do yourself.

Whether you consider the Lite package sufficient will come down to, amongst other things:

    * The complexity of the purchase (if there is no negotiation to be done, for example).

    * Your willingness to DIY the purchase (If you are happy to do all the negotiations, purchase process, and arrangements, and are comfortable with Georgian language).

    * Your own risk preference (Do you trust the seller 100% and do you think there is any possibility that their lawyers/translators could have made errors in the English translation?)

If you would feel more comfortable having an expert protect your purchase, the Lite package is probably not for you. Consider the Standard package or higher.

We cover all our real estate legal services and why you may or may not need them, here.

Can I upgrade to a higher package if I realize I need additional assistance?

Getting additional assistance is easy, so long as we know what you need, we can provide you an estimate for the additional work.

In terms of fixed package upgrades though, our packages, when purchased in advance, normally offer the best value for money, over custom requests and additions. Depending on which stage of the process you are in, upgrading from one fixed package to another may be possible.

What if the package I want has inclusions I don’t need?

Our quote estimates are based on the services you require. Our packages are designed to make it easy to select the common options that most clients need. If you need extras, or do not need all parts of the package, let us know in your quote request and we will factor that in.

How quickly will the work be done?

This depends entirely on the complexity of the work and the current demand for our services. Analysis of a purchase agreement, as an example, may take 2 to 5 business days, on average.

I need the purchase made with a Power of Attorney. What is the procedure?

We can provide the appropriate PoA document, meeting Georgian legal requirements. If you will be in Georgia, the process is simpler and we can accompany you to the notary to get the document notarized. Once notarized, we can represent you.

If you will not be coming to Georgia, we can email you the PoA, then you will be responsible for getting it apostilled in your own country, and then couriered to us. Upon receipt, we will get it translated and notarized in Georgian, after which, we can represent you.

The PoA service is included for free with the Buy-Side Real Estate package.

How long does it take to close a sale in Georgia?

This depends entirely on the complexity of the work and the current demand for our services. Analysis of a purchase agreement, as an example, may take 2 to 5 business days, on average.

However, you should allow 2 weeks on average, from the date of making your intention to purchase the property clear to the seller, through to transfer of the title to you. If the seller is particularly difficult to deal with, or a lot of revisions to the purchase agreement need to be negotiated, additional time may be required.

Once all the legal work is done, and the extract has been renewed and checked, the actual purchase duration to transfer the title can be done the same day, the next business day, or within 4 business days (differing fees apply). This is done at the Public Service Hall. From the Standard package or higher, one of our team will join you for the appointment to assist with the transfer of the title.

Will I need to pay VAT on your service price?

VAT must be applied to all real estate services and agent services (including buy-side) when the real estate in question is located on the territory of Georgia. The only exception would be a general real estate consultation that is not related to a specific purchase (i.e., initial consulting for general information about the real estate market and taxes) providing the customer does not normally reside in Georgia and does not plan to imminently.

If you think you will not owe VAT, ask us in your quote request and explain your circumstances.

What may incur additional fees from ExpatHub?

Any work outside the scope and the fair use amounts for each package. No one likes surprise invoices, so our policy is to inform you in advance that we expect additional work to take place that is not covered in your package, and to give you an estimate of what that work may cost.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Alexander Hu
Alexander Hu
Recommended. For all the services they offer.
As others have said, If I could give these guys 6 stars I would. GREAT service. Would recommend whole heartedly!
Nils Dannemann
Nils Dannemann
Amazing service, great team, fantastic people. Their success is well deserved. Can't recommend them enough 👍
Helena Liu
Helena Liu
If it’s possible to give them 6 stars I would! The whole team has gone above and beyond to help me set up my business inn Tbilisi. They are highly professional and responsive. I would highly recommend them! Thank you Levan, David, Nina, and Saba!
Nikola Stojkovic
Nikola Stojkovic
Excellent service. They explained everything before we moved to Tbilisi so we finished the process quickly. Everything was transparent, no hidden fees or additional costs
Gordon Seiler
Gordon Seiler
Excellent professional service from ExpatHub, highly recommended company to work with. Thanks for making our future in Georgia much easier.
Tom Shepherd
Tom Shepherd
Verified is an excellent service, they have been very professional and helpful. The free information on their web site and the free consultation helped a lot with my planning. They cover a range of tax and relocation areas, so they are able to set everything up without missing any important details. Thanks a lot to the ExpatHub team!