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Summary Of Services

1. Virtual Zone Company (IT Companies, 5% Tax)

2. High Net Worth (Tax Residency) Applications

3. Other Legal Services (inc. legal by the hour, Power of Attorney, contract drafting, & legal translation)

4. Premium Consultations By The Hour (Opens in new tab - feat. a live bookable calendar) to cover any of the above topics. 

Note: where services can be offered remotely (for clients outside Georgia), the surcharge on listed prices is typically up to 50% due to the additional work required.

Prices Exclude VAT (18%) - But VAT is NOT always due. Learn more here.

Virtual Zone Company & High Net Worth

All services payable in Georgian Lari (GEL). Approx. USD pricing is for information only.


Virtual Zone Company Registration


Approx. 600 USD + VAT when applicable.
(One Time Fee.) Includes:

Legal eligibility assessment
VZ-specific tax advice
Drafting of the application documents
Follow-up correspondence with the Ministry of Finance
All relevant government fees & charges
Legal Fees
Notary Fees

No Obligation Consultation.

VAT Excluded. Will you need to pay VAT?

Virtual Zone Company Registration

IT companies which do not have income derived within Georgia may qualify for the Georgian Virtual Zone status. The best way to find out is to book a consultation.

First, open your business in Georgia, then apply for the virtual zone certificate. Achieve a total combined (both company & personal) tax leakage of just 5%:

0% profit tax
0% VAT
5% dividend tax (on a personal level)


What qualifies as an IT company?

According to the Georgian legislation, the company's activities must result in the creation of software products, where the creation process takes place within the territory of Georgia. This includes SaaS (software-as-a-service) businesses and web development firms, but also any other business models where there's a clear product, and where development work is carried out in Georgia. 

It should be clear at the time of application that the majority of your business is software based. This can change after the application is approved but your tax level may differ on new parts of your business that cannot be shown to be software based.

Because the criteria is complex, we work with you to make sure your structure will get approved.

How long does it take to obtain the VZ certificate?

While the government's official timeline is up to 10 business days, in practice VZ applications tend to take anywhere from 30-60 days, depending on how much additional follow-up is deemed necessary.

Do I need VZ registration before I start my business?

No. You can start your business activities from the moment you obtain your LLC registration, and follow up with a VZ registration at a later date. We recommend starting the process 90 days before the end of your financial year at the latest.

Can I operate my VZ company from abroad?

Can you remotely manage the company from abroad? Yes.

But can your business be based abroad? No. For MFA to grant the VZ certificate, you will need to demonstrate that some work is being done within the territory of Georgia.

The approval process is very nuanced. You can read a little more about the VZ here

Do I have to renew the registration annually?


Tax Residency

High Net Worth (Tax Residency)

₾2,000 to 6,500 GEL

Approx. 600-2,600 USD + VAT when applicable. (One Time Fee.) Includes:

Drafting of all required Georgian documents (including notary & translation)
If needed: Business registration, opening of bank accounts and revenue service account.
Organization & submission of your application
Comprehensive legal advice
Legal Fees & Notary Fees

Because of the complexity of HNWI, a consultation is mandatory to determine the final price.

VAT Excluded. Will you need to pay VAT?

High Net Worth Individual Tax Residency Program

The High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) Program is a unique option to become a personal tax resident of Georgia without having to meet the standard 183 day physical presence requirement - you might not even have to visit Georgia at all. Being a tax resident in Georgia can help you get a more favorable tax situation and shield you from taxes elsewhere.

The process to qualify can be tricky. Our service takes the stress and confusion out of it to get you the result you want with minimal complications. Not sure if the High Net Worth program is right for you? Read our article first.


How do I qualify? Can this be done remotely? Do I need a Georgian business?

Yes, you don't ever have to come to Georgia to apply but the process can be a little simpler if you do. You may or may not need a Georgian business, depending on your unique situation.

The basic criteria for qualification:

- A natural person (individual) whose proven property exceeds 3 million GEL, including proof of owning assets in Georgia valued at 500,000 USD or more.

In addition:

- A natural person (individual) whose proven property exceeds 3 million GEL

- OR their annual income for the last 3 years exceeds 200,000 GEL, and they can demonstrate proof of owning assets in Georgia valued at 500,000 USD or more.

Moreover, you must either:

- Have a Georgian legal residence permit OR a Georgian resident ID card.

- OR certify that you receive an income of 25,000 GEL or more from a Georgian source during the tax year prior to the year of applying.

If you do not have legal residence in Georgia and don’t intend to get it, we can discuss alternative options for meeting the 25,000 GEL Georgian income requirement instead.

Read more about the criteria for qualification, and other considerations, here.

How long does the application process take? When should I apply?

This depends entirely on what documents and other important steps need to be organized for your individual case. If you already have all your supporting material ready, then the actual application is possible within 10 working days.

If you need to organize a legal residence permit, business registration, bank account, etc., then the preparation time for all these elements must also be factored in. All in all, this could take up to 60 days if we are starting from scratch and everything is done remotely.

For this reason, we suggest starting the process for any given tax year by late October of that tax year. All applications must be completed and authorized by the Revenue Service no later than December 31st of the same tax year for which you wish to qualify.

The earliest you can begin an application for any given tax year is January, though some documents can be organized in advance.

When do I need to renew my HNWI status? Can you renew for me?

You must renew every single tax year. The renewal must be completed before Dec 31st. You must have continued to meet the income requirements, as listed previously, in order to qualify for renewal. We can of course handle your renewal. The renewal process is typically simpler than the first application and we will provide you with a new price estimate based on your requirements.

Are there any additional fees?

Any documentation (such as power of attorney and passport apostille) that need to be completed in your home country, are at your own expense.

We keep our fees transparent and we’ll give you a final estimate for your specific case once we have completed your initial consultation.

Any additional services that are not included in our estimate will be at your own expense. This may include, but is not limited to, your legal residence application (if preferred).

The price of annual renewal is not included in the original fee. We'll re-quote you for each renewal.

Other Legal Services

Legal By The Hour / Premium Consultation
₾300 Per Hour

None of our other services meet your needs? We offer 1 on 1 legal, tax, residency, real estate and business advice to help you solve your problems or plan for the future. The rates apply to in-person & online consultations, legal research, letter writing, etc.

For bigger projects, we can quote a price on a per-project basis and/or charge a retainer which can be topped up as needed. VAT may be added (18%).

Get a full list of our consulting services and prices.

Legal Translation
₾150 Per Hour

Get an accurate translation from Georgian to English or English To Georgian.

Simply contact us with your documents by email to and we'll tell you how much the legal translation will cost. Useful both for legal and non-legal documents.

Service Fee: 150 GEL Per Hour (Approx. 60 USD Per Hour) + VAT when applicable.

Local Power of Attorney

Give our lawyers (or anyone) the power to represent you in Georgia for business registrations & other legal matters.

Our service includes 1 copy of a Bilingual (English & Georgian) PoA and 1 notarized copy of your passport. 

How does the process work?

We draft the document, book the notary, and accompany you there, and cover all local fees.

Service Fee: ₾400 GEL (Approx. 160 USD) + VAT when applicable. 

THIS PRICING IS FOR THE PoA PROCESS ONLY. The cost of our representing you in legal matters will vary depending on what you need done. Let us know in your message so we can get you a quote.

Remote Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney can be notarized anywhere, even internationally. Give us your representative powers without coming to Georgia.

Again, our service includes 1 copy of a Bilingual (English & Georgian) PoA and 1 notarized copy of your passport.

How does the process work in this case?

We draft the document. You notarize it and authenticate it with Apostille/Legalization and send the original via courier services. We also ask that you please send us a digital version of your documents prior to shipping, so that we can confirm everything has been done correctly before the shipping. We then translate and notarize it from English, at our own cost.

Service Fee: ₾600 GEL (Approx. 240 USD) + VAT when applicable.

NOTE: If any part of your documents arrive to us in a language other than English, additional fees may apply. This includes any document where the apostille seal is not in English.

Contract Drafting

Our team specializes in drafting accurate bilingual contracts (English & Georgian) that fully comply with the relevant Georgian laws.

This includes employment contracts, service agreements, rental agreements, pre-purchase/purchase agreements, and more.

Standard Contracts - 600 GEL + VAT

For standard contracts for which we already have a template, the price includes:

Insertion of custom data (name, phone number, passport number, dates, etc.)
Additional customization charged at ₾300 GEL + VAT per hour.

*Additional Copies ₾200 GEL + VAT. This includes the insertion of custom data.

Custom Contract Drafting - 300 GEL Per Hour + VAT 

Need a custom contract from scratch? We can draft your contract in English or Georgian, for your review, at our standard legal rate. Then full legal translation to either English or Georgian at our standard translation rate.

Employee Registration
From ₾300

The law requires that Georgian employers (for example, LLCs, Individual Entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, etc.) register their foreign employees in the unified database of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Defence of Georgia.

How does our pricing work?

The service fee for the principal (first) employee is ₾300 GEL + VAT
For every additional employee, an addition surcharge of 50 GEL + VAT applies

Fill out the form below and we'll take it from there.

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VAT (18%) - Does It Apply To You?

VAT is charged at 18% when applicable.

ExpatHub reserves the right to make the final determination on whether your purchase must include VAT or not, as the tax liability of this decision lies on us.

VAT will apply to your purchase if:

You're an individual who resides in Georgia.
You're an individual who doesn't currently reside in Georgia, but who intends to move here.
You're a Georgian business that is not VAT registered, or is VAT registered with unqualified status. You cannot claim the VAT back.
Your service is related to the purchase of specific real estate in Georgia, or any real estate agency services, including buy-side.

VAT will not apply to your purchase if:

You're an individual who's in Georgia temporarily (less than 60 days) and/or has not visited Georgia. AND has no intent to reside here, in either case. 
You're a foreign business (legal entity) registered outside Georgia.

VAT collected by ExpatHub is promptly paid to the authorities.

If you are not sure if you should pay VAT, please contact one of our team members for assistance.

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