ExpatHub is the pre-eminent specialist on legal matters for expats living in the Republic of Georgia.

Services For Businesses

Tax Law, Incorporations, Accountancy.

Tax Law & Business Legal Services

Tax Law & Consulting
- Georgian & International Tax Structures
- Business Law & Contracts
- Branch Office & Subsidiaries
Commercial Real Estate

Business Incorporations


Accounting Packages
- VAT Registration
Annual Filing Service
- Ad Hoc Accounting

Services For Individuals

Residency, Real Estate, Relocation & More.

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International Standard, Local Pricing

Why ExpatHub?

Starting life in a new country is confusing. We know because we faced all the same challenges you will, when we first moved here. But we solved those challenges and hired a team of expert, bilingual accountants and lawyers to help you get setup in Georgia, easier than ever before.


All Your Legal, Tax, Relocation, Business, Immigration & Accountancy Needs Solved In One Place.

ONLY English-Speaking Staff

Native English Speaking, Or Fluent Bilingual. Your Questions Will Never Be Lost In Translation.

No “Tourist Tax”

Fair, Transparent Pricing For Foreigners.

International Standards

We Bring An International Level Of Service, Logic, Resourcefulness, Confidentiality & Data Protection To All Our Services In Georgia. 

Honest, Fact Checked Advice

We Provide Creative, Tailored Solutions Which Will Never Leave You Exposed.

Meet The Team

ExpatHub runs a wide range of essential expat services. Though our main focus is on law and accountancy, we are more than just a law firm. We are a hub for business, social and everyday expat life. Our team brings together a diverse set of skills to help expats from all over the world navigate Georgian life and bureaucracy.

Janar Kokk

Managing Partner. 15+ years of experience planning business tax structures worldwide, Janar is our top expert on watertight structures with minimal tax leakage.

Tom Williams

Managing Partner. In charge of all non-legal dimensions of ExpatHub, Tom also manages client needs for relocation, residency and immigration related matters.

Levan Chkhenkeli

Senior Tax Attorney. After 5 years handling multi-million dollar businesses for Ernst & Young, Levan's expertise led him to head up our tax law department.

Nina Tabatadze

Chief Accountant. Nina leads the accounting department and is always looking for ways to legally reduce your taxes.

David Kvitini

Business & Property Lawyer. We call him "Mr Contracts". With a masters in international business law, David, amongst other things, oversees every contract that enters and leaves our office and manages all legal process outside of tax law.

Niniko Mamatsashvili

Operations Manager. Niniko is the conduit between our customers and our team. She ensures customer requests are met and our back office team can work to maximum efficiency.

Sopo Kakhadze

Office Manager & Reception. Sopo heads up the support staff team who work hard to keep everything running in the background. Thanks to all the other back office team not listed here!