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  ExpatHub is the pre-eminent specialist on legal matters for expats living in the Republic of Georgia.

Services For Businesses

Tax Law, Incorporations, Accountancy.

Tax Law & Business Legal Services

Tax Law & Consulting
- Georgian & International Tax Structures
- Business Law & Contracts
- Branch Office & Subsidiaries
Commercial Real Estate

Business Incorporations


Accounting Packages
- VAT Registration
Annual Filing Service
- Ad Hoc Accounting

Services For Individuals

Residency, Real Estate, Relocation & More.

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The essential guide for anyone moving to, or currently living in, Georgia. Advice from initial planning to arrive, through to practical information that will make everyday expat life easier to navigate.

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Starting life in a new country is confusing. We know because we faced all the same challenges you will, when we first moved here. But we solved those challenges and hired a team of expert, bilingual accountants and lawyers to help you get setup in Georgia, easier than ever before.