Meet The ExpatHub Team

ExpatHub runs a wide range of essential expat services. Though our largest departments are law and accountancy, we are more than just a law firm. We are a hub for business, social and everyday expat life. Meet the ExpatHub Team - a team with a diverse set of skills to help expats from all over the world navigate Georgian life and bureaucracy.

Get to know who the experts in each division are:

ExpatHub Legal & Tax

This division of the company is responsible for providing all legal and tax services. These includes providing consultations, assisting with Advanced Tax Rulings (ATRs), contract reviews, tax appeals, dispute resolution, business registrations as well as submitting visa & residence permit applications, completing real estate legal processes, and many more.

Meet ExpatHub Team - Levan Chkhenkeli

Levan Chkhenkeli

Managing Partner: Head of Tax

Meet ExpatHub Team - David Kvitini

David Kvitini

Managing Partner: Executive Director

Meet ExpatHub Team - Tom Williams

Tom Williams

Founding Partner: Brand Director

Meet ExpatHub Team - Gaga Mamuchishvili

Gaga Mamuchishvili

Head of Legal

Meet ExpatHub Team - Laila Collman

Laila Collman

Head of Customer Happiness

Gvantsa Maziashvili

Gvantsa Maziashvili

Tax Associate

Rusudan Dopidze

Rusudan Dopidze

Legal Associate

Nata Tsnoriashvili

Nata Tsnoriashvili

Junior Legal Associate

Luka Kutkhashvili

Luka Kutkhashvili

Customer Happiness Assistant

Mariam Tolordava

Customer Happiness Assistant

ExpatHub Real Estate

This division of the company assists with all real estate and relocation services.

Meet ExpatHub Team - Brian Loughnane

Brian Loughnane

Managing Partner: Head of Real Estate Services

Kato Bakuradze

Kato Bakuradze

Real Estate Specialist

Meet ExpatHub Team - Mariam Patsatsia

Mariam Patsatsia

Real Estate Account Manager

ExpatHub Accounting

This division of the company assists with all accounting services, including monthly and annual tax declarations.

Meet ExpatHub Team - Gvantsa Solomnishvili

Gvantsa Solomnishvili

Head of Accounting

Meet ExpatHub Team - Mari Chanadiri

Mari Chanadiri


Gvantsa Jgenti


Mariam Tsomaia


Nutsa Mamagulashvili

Nutsa Mamagulashvili

Administrative Assistant

At ExpatHub, we care about the well-being and rights of our employees. We are committed to following all applicable Labour Code regulations, ensuring fair and lawful practices in our workplace.

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