Coworking spaces in Tbilisi have been gaining popularity in recent years, as the number of remote workers and digital nomads continues to increase worldwide. This article will detail the best options available for coworking in Tbilisi, whether you are just passing through, or staying here long term as an expat.

This list does not reflect the personal opinions of the ExpatHub team and is provided for information only.

Before the COVID19 pandemic, Tbilisi was already a popular destination for remote workers and entrepreneurs. Those looking for a change in scenery and the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals found it in Tbilisi’s shared working spaces.

Are you tired of working from your apartment day in and day out? Discover the top options for coworking in Tbilisi, below.

Updated April 2nd 2024

Terminal – Vake & Saburtalo

Terminal is one of the biggest coworking organizations in Tbilisi, boasting over 9,000 square meters of space and a capacity for over 1,100 people. They have 5 locations around the city, 3 of which are located in and around Vake, one in Saburtalo, and another on Agmashenebeli Avenue near the Marjanishvili metro station. Their well-placed locations provide great accessibility, so that no matter where you live in Tbilisi, there will be a Terminal working space somewhere near you. The company also offers the ability to register your virtual office at any of their locations.

They offer a wide range of services for businesses and lone entrepreneurs, such as: 

  • Dedicated desk space: 425 GEL/month.
  • Flexible desk: 30 GEL/Day.
  • Private office: 1,250 GEL/Month.
  • Conference rooms: rooms of varying capacity and layout including classroom, U Shaped, and theatre. (Prices for these depend on the capacity, layout, and length of use.)
  • Meeting rooms: 1 hour = 40 GEL, half-day = 300 GEL, and full-day = 500 GEL.

All the workspace areas are comfortable and well lit. Terminal put great effort into creating a professional environment to boost productivity. 

In addition to the above-mentioned services, there is also a wide variety of amenities available on the spot: high-speed wifi (the fastest available in Georgia), a self-service kitchen, printer/scanner, phone booth, personal lockers, round the clock highly skilled reception, a game room/relax zone to let off steam once in a while, and, most importantly, coffee machines.

Terminal boasts a large community of expats, digital nomads, and local entrepreneurs, who are using the space not only for their work but to network as well. Terminal hosts various community events where users can develop business partnerships or just mingle with each other, thus creating a more friendly environment for growth and business development.

Terminal also has a membership option that grants access to all of the above-mentioned services, as well as free access to their events and integration into their network, at a fixed monthly fee.


  • Professional environment.
  • Multiple locations.
  • Popular.


  • Tea & coffee are not included with the entry fee.
  • Higher prices than most other coworking spaces.

Terminal Summary: Professional coworking space. Best for pro entrepreneurs looking for a focused work environment and high quality facilities and furniture.

Impact Hub – Marjanishvili

ImpactHub Tbilisi

Impact Hub is another multinational company that has a coworking venue available in Tbilisi. It’s located in “Fabrika” – a former Soviet sewing factory turned into a community center – which now houses various bars, studios, and shops- and is known for its active nightlife on the weekends. Impact Hub offers a comfortable/casual working environment and a friendly communicative atmosphere, excellent for networking and planning future collaborations with like-minded people.

Impact Hub has several membership options, as well as day/multi-day pass options:

  • Day pass: (9 am – 6 pm) 30 GEL – No additional perks.
  • One week per month: (24/7 access for the week) 120 GEL – 10% Meeting room discount, an invitation and 10% discount to member-only events, and an Impact Hub passport.
  • 3 days per week: 260 GEL – Same perks as above.
  • Unlimited flex: 360 GEL – Same perks as above, plus a private locker, Fabrika community card, and 2-hour access to the meeting room.
  • Unlimited fixed: 460 GEL – Same perks as above plus a fixed desk and 3-hour access to the meeting room.

All the different membership options mentioned above include unlimited access to WiFi, printer & scanner, and security and video control.

As Impact Hub is located in Fabrika, this opens up many opportunities to socialize over lunch or a drink after work, and to mingle with locals/expats and travelers alike. Impact Hub often hosts networking events to keep their community engaged and create a friendly environment for everyone.

Fabrika is regarded as the modern creative hub of Tbilisi with its “old meets new” design, which helps to create a unique atmosphere for fostering creativity and innovation. As a result, Fabrika can be considered an all-in-one option for digital nomads looking for an ideal coworking space in Tbilisi.


  • Very popular location (at Fabrika).
  • Work meets play in a fun environment.


  • Less focus on professional ambiance.

Impact Hub Summary: A digital nomad focused, moderately casual environment with flexible membership packages.

D Block Workspace @Stamba – Rustaveli

D Block, a recently established coworking space, is situated within the historic Stamba building, formerly a publishing house. It’s centrally located at Kostava 14 in Tbilisi. The workspace spans 2,000 square meters, offering a variety of settings including private boxes, hot desks, comfortable seating areas, phone booths, a members’ bar, and meeting rooms accommodating smaller groups (up to 16 persons). Additionally, plans are underway to introduce a podcast recording studio and a screening room in 2024. Catering and refreshments are available upon request. They welcome those interested in booking a tour of the space. 

  • Day pass: 40 GEL
  • Flexible Desk (any available spot in the shared working space): 500 GEL per month
  • Afterhours (19:00-9:00 and 24 hrs on weekends): 270 GEL per month
  • Private Offices: inquire for details


  • Stylish and comfortable environment in the heart of the city
  • Perks and benefits like community gatherings and networking events, as well as special discounts for D Block members
  • Ergonomic furniture
  • Free coffee and tea available in the kitchenette area


  • Limited meeting-room space for larger groups

D-Block Summary: A modern and trendy coworking space in the city-center, with excellent amenities. Best for those looking to network.

VIBE – Saburtalo

VIBE coworking space

For those who don’t want to commute all the way to the city-center for a work space, VIBE offers a cozy coworking option in Saburtalo. Located on Politkovskaya street, VIBE features a cafe with refreshments (including wine!), a printer/scanner, 24/7 access using an ID card reader, and weekend events including board games and movie nights. This is a small but chill work space with, as the name suggests, a good vibe! 8 minutes walk from State University metro station.

They also offer private rental of the space on weekends for groups of 10+ for seminars etc.


  • Hourly Rate: 3 GEL
  • Daily Pass: 15 GEL
  • Monthly Membership: 150 GEL (including 24/7 access card)


  • More convenient for those located in Saburtalo
  • Super cozy space
  • Cheap rates!
  • A focus on a quiet work environment.


  • Far from city center
  • Limited space – come early or before the open (with access card) to get the best seats.

VIBE Summary: A cozy space for those living in the West end of Saburtalo with cheap pricing and some fun events too.

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More Tbilisi Coworking spaces below.

Vake Cowork – Vake

Vake Cowork is a coworking space on the 7th floor of the Pixel Business Center on Chavchavadze. Located in the heart of the business district, it also offers a stunning view of Vake. The coworking space features ergonomic office furniture, professional assistant support during working hours, lockers, and even parking! Various day and membership options are available, as well as access to meeting rooms of various sizes.

  • Day pass: 40 GEL
  • Flexible Desk Co-Working Space: 600 GEL per month.
  • Dedicated Desk Co-Working Space: 650 GEL per month.
  • Private Office: 950 GEL per month
  • Conference Hall 1: 40 GEL per hour (suitable for 8 people).
  • Conference Hall 2: 40 GEL per hour (suitable for 3 people).

All membership options also receive access to the onsite kitchen. Vake Cowork also provides high-speed roaming/handover WiFi internet, which means that users can easily move throughout the whole space during calls and on-line meetings, without their connection becoming interrupted or lost, or internet speed decreasing at all.


  • Professional environment with ergonomic furniture.
  • Prime location – with an unbeatable view.


  • Expensive.

Vake Cowork Summary: A professional coworking space with an inspiring view. Best for pro entrepreneurs looking for a focused work environment and high quality facilities and furniture.

REGUS – Rustaveli & Saburtalo

Regus Vazha Coworking

Regus is an international company that provides professional workspaces in numerous locations around the world. They have two offices for coworking in Tbilisi: one in the Old Town (Tabidze 1 Building), and another on Vazha Pshavela avenue (BCV).

As their primary focus is on office space, (and not as much on “coworking”), their overall supply of coworking spaces is limited.  They offer 37 coworking spots in Tbilisi (13 spaces in their Tabidze branch and 24 in the BCV branch). The prices also differ depending on the location. Be aware that Regus lists their prices in various foreign currencies, depending on the services. Prices below are listed in United States Dollar (USD). (At the time of writing this article, 1 USD is approximately 3.1 GEL.)

Tabidze branch

  • Office space: $300 per person per month. A private office with flexible layouts which can be expanded at will. Excellent option if you are looking for a private place for your business with ability to shape the design to your brand needs.
  • Coworking: $178 per person per month.
  • Meeting room: $12 per hour.

BCV Branch

  • Office space: $180 per person per month. A private office with flexible layouts which can be expanded at will. Excellent option if you are looking for a private place for your business with ability to shape the design to your brand needs.
  • Coworking: $112 per person per month.
  • Meeting room: $12 per hour.

Regus also provides membership options with various perks that can be used outside Georgia. You can check their website for more information on worldwide package options.

Overall, Regus is an international coworking company with an emphasis on professionalism. They also create the vibe of being an exclusive place to work, as they have a limited number of spaces available.


  • Professional office environment.
  • Access to Regus network benefits.
  • High quality furniture and equipment.


  • Expensive.
  • Limited number of workspaces.

SpaceZ – Saburtalo

SpaceZ is another coworking space in Tbilisi, specifically designed to provide a comfortable working environment for a low price compared to their competitors. There are two branches currently open in Georgia, one in Tbilisi and one in Kutaisi. The Tbilisi coworking branch is located at the end of Vazha-Pshavela in the Saburtalo district, and is easily accessible by public transport. They are open 24/7 and also feature a bookstore within the workspace. They have several membership packages available:

  • Deskspace: 120 GEL per month. 60 GEL for 2 weeks.
  • Fixed deskspace: 200 GEL per month.
  • Meeting room: 20 GEL per hour. For members, 15 GEL per hour.

These packages include unlimited WiFi, printer use (but with a limited amount of pages), and access to a fully equipped kitchen. The meeting room comes with a projector, a PS4, a sound system, desks, and chairs. 

Members of SpaceZ also gain access to benefits with different companies, such as discounts on insurance, fitness, etc. You can find more information about the extra perks available on their Facebook page.


  • Highly comfortable working environment
  • Budget friendly
  • Generous benefits package


  • Less professional office than other options.

Ano – Tsereteli


Ano is a Japanese-owned coworking space in Tbilisi located near Akaki Tsereteli Avenue. They offer a cozy and quiet ambience for your coworking needs. What is more, Ano also has a hairdressing salon, which you can reserve appointments for, and a bar with unlimited drinks after paying the initial fee. It is a relatively small coworking space with a friendly atmosphere and fairly cost effective coworking options. Furthermore, all payments for Ano services are done though their website, therefore there is no need to bring your wallet anywhere.

They have two coworking options:

  • Hot desk: $9.99 per day, which is valid for 12 hours after payment. At time of writing, there is a campaign going on which reduces the price to $5 per day. You can use it as many times as you want.
  • Dedicated desk: $78 per month. The package is automatically renewed if not cancelled. Available 24 hours / 365 days.* (*Only during government-imposed curfew hours.)
  • Salon dedicated seat: $337 per month, or $270 with current 20% off discount. It is for professional use, comes with a straight/curl iron, shampoo room, towel, hair cape, and hair dryer. It is available 24 hours/365 days*.
  • Ano bar: $9.99 per night, it is open from 6pm-11pm. Free wifi along with their “all you can drink” offer.

Both coworking options include access to high speed WiFi (45mbps-55mbps) and free coffee & tea.  


  • Cozy ambience, small space.
  • Unlimited wine for evening happy hours (work then party environment).
  • Cheap compared to their competitors.


  • Small – as this could be a pro or con depending on how busy they are each day.
  • Slower internet speed; other competitors claim 100mbps.

Ano Summary: A digital nomad focused, casual environment with pleasant ambience, cheap pricing and free wine after work.

Honorable mentions

Since coworking has gained popularity in Georgia, other organizations whose focus was not primarily on providing such services have also started to offer them as a benefit for their customers. 


Bank of Georgia (BoC). They offer the use of their premium lounges around the country as coworking spaces for SOLO members only. 

TBC also provides access to coworking spaces for TBC Concept members in the Concept building located on Marjanishvili street. It is a modern, well-equipped office space. If you would like to learn more about BoG SOLO and TBC Concept membership requirements, or how to sign up for an account at either bank, please read our other article on this topic.


In addition to the coworking spaces provided by these banks, there are several libraries around the city, including Mikheil Saakashvili’s presidential library. Located behind the University of Georgia, this particular building was designed by a German architect. The library is of course free to use, offers wifi and workspaces, and is home to a gargantuan collection of books in English and Georgian.

LOKAL – Indefinitely Closed


This was an expat favorite during it’s time. They closed at their main location in early 2024 and we await to see if they reopen anywhere else. So, the below information is out of date and we’ll update if they reopen. Leaving this here for posperity!

LOKAL was founded by a former digital nomad, and so they have an excellent understanding of the needs of remote workers. Located just outside of Vake, their location offers a pleasant ambience away from the busy main streets of Tbilisi. Their workspaces are multiple smaller rooms, as well as covered and garden outdoor spaces, rather than the large open plan spaces you find in many coworking spaces.

What makes LOKAL stand out from other coworking spaces available in Tbilisi is that they offer coliving options as well, so you can quickly integrate with the community by living on site with other digital nomads. 

LOKAL offers several daily coworking options, as well as membership opportunities. Note: LOKAL lists their prices in USD, which at the time of writing is approximately 3.1 GEL to 1 USD. 

  • Daily hot desk: $8.26- includes a “hot desk” (or unreserved desk), a selection of available open desks indoors and outdoors, high speed WiFi, and high-quality coffee & tea.
  • 10-pack hot desk: $70.21- for those who do not need a full month of coworking. Valid for any 10 days in a 90 day period. Same perks as above.
  • Monthly hot desk: $141.60- 30-day access to hot seats. Same perks as above, plus 15% off daily rates and a 15% discount on all bar purchases.
  • Meeting rooms: Starting at $9/hour. Room includes a TV, cables, tables, and chairs. For an additional fee, they can provide a projector, whiteboard, speakers, and refreshments.
  • Strategy meeting rooms: $15/hour for the first 5 hours, and $75 after that (standard daily rate). Room includes a TV, cables, tables, and chairs. Projector, whiteboard, and refreshments are also available upon request.

LOKAL’s  “CoLive ” options, with a minimum of 7 nights stay, feature prices ranging from $25 per night to $44 per night, depending on the type of room. Living packages include the CoWork hot desk membership package, discounts on meeting rooms, free access to LOKAL events, and discounts on paid training sessions.

The amenities for CoLive include high speed WiFi; use of the communal living room, kitchen, and outdoor spaces; all utilities including the washing machine & dryer; individualized food storage options; use of all general cooking supplies and condiments; free coffee, tea, and wine; and weekly housekeeping services.


  • Highly community focused in a friendly, personal environment.
  • Regular social and business events.
  • Nice outdoor area / garden.


  • Less professional office furniture/chairs than other options.

LOKAL Summary: Community coworking and coliving space centered on connection and networking. Smaller, personal working space, rather than a busy open plan.


Choosing the Right Space for YOU

Coworking spaces in Tbilisi are becoming more popular as the demand from digital nomads and remote workers (both foreign and domestic) continues to grow. It is likely that the options available will continue to increase in both quality and quantity. There are many coworking choices available, and each of them offers a unique environment. 

If you are an outgoing freelancer looking for a cozy and sociable space, rich with community engagement, Impact Hub and Terminal might be the best options for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing atmosphere where you can focus on your work, LOKAL might be a better choice. If you desire a professionally managed office space and are on the move quite often, REGUS might be the most suitable alternative for you. If you are a pro entrepreneur and looking for a professional space, the Collective might suit you best. Finally, if you want a comfortable and cheap workspace, SpaceZ, Ano and VIBE are convenient options. Overall, determining the best coworking space in Tbilisi will depend on your unique needs. 

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