Whether you’re thinking about relocating to Georgia and wondering if it will be a good fit for your family, or you’re already here and looking for some new ideas for things to do, we’ve got all the latest info about activities for kids in Tbilisi!

Not all digital nomad hotspots are also great places to raise a family, but Georgia is a notable exception. As many expats who have relocated here can confirm, Georgian culture is very child-friendly. Not only is Georgia one of the safest countries in the world (according to the Gallup Law & Order Index), but the culture here highly values children and family life. Most neighborhoods have at least one park, with public play structures and sports equipment freely available for use. 

You can find a wide range of activities for kids in Tbilisi, both outdoor and indoor, which we’ll explore in more detail below. 

Outdoor Activities for Kids in Tbilisi 

When the weather is nice, you’ll find nearly endless options for outdoor activities for kids in Tbilisi. 


If your kids are interested in animals, check out the Tbilisi Zoo which is free for children up to 3 years old, 2 GEL for children ages 3-12, and 4 GEL for children 12 and up. The Tbilisi Zoo also has an Exotarium, which is also free for children up to 3 years old, 1 GEL for children ages 3-12, and 2 GEL for children ages 12 and up. 

Zootopia Contact Zoo in Tbilisi also offers interactive animal exhibits for children. Children under 1 year are free, and otherwise they charge 10 GEL per person during weekdays, and 15 GEL per person on weekends. They do offer discounts for larger groups, which you can find more information about via their Facebook page. 


Dedaena Park, next to the Dry Bridge market, frequently offers free outdoor music events during the summer months, and also has a large skate park. The park has a playground and lots of picnicking areas. 

Mziuri Park also has a large lawn for picnicking, as well as a newly remodeled playground including a child-size bouldering wall and a skate park. During the summer months, live performances are sometimes held in Mziuri’s outdoor amphitheater. This park was also specially re-designed to be stroller and wheelchair accessible. 

The newly renovated Vake Park offers covered picnicking areas, tennis courts, a basketball court, and a children’s fun zone with rides and games. 

Mtatsminda park also offers a children’s amusement park with rides and games. You can pay for the rides by adding a balance to your Mtatsminda Park Funicular card. Mtatsminda park also frequently holds events, which you can find out about through their Facebook page

There are many other parks around Tbilisi (such as Mushtaid Park, Red Garden, and Vera Park) which also offer play zones and activities for children.


Located above Vake park, Turtle Lake offers a paved walking track around the lake (just over 1km), as well as game booths, paddleboat rentals, a playground, and plenty of cafes and picnicking areas. Close to the top of the Turtle Lake aerial tram station, there is also a Zip Line!

Lisi Lake, located just past Saburtalo, also offers a walking track (over 3 km long). Here you can also rent bicycles and scooters to ride around the lake. There is also a playground, games, and lots of cafes and picnicking areas. There are also spots around the lake where fishing is allowed, but you’ll need to bring your own fishing equipment. 

For older kids, the Tbilisi Sea also offers the opportunity to try SUP (Stand up Paddle boarding) and sailing

Indoor Activities for Kids in Tbilisi 

When the weather isn’t so good, you can also find a wide range of indoor activities for kids in Tbilisi. 


The Museum of Illusions offers interactive, educational games that will engage your child’s mind. Tickets are free for children up to 5 years of age, and 23.50 GEL for older children. You can find more information about their unique exhibits here

The new Digital Museum offers visual exhibitions. For example, the Galaxy show is free for children under 3, and 30 GEL for older children. The Age of Art show is free for children under 6 years, and 35 GEL for children ages 6-16. They do offer family discounts, which you can find more details about on their website. 

When it comes to art, the Tbilisi Museum of Modern Art and the Art Palace offer children and students to enter for only 1 GEL. For the National Museum, the admission fee for schoolchildren and students is only 2 GEL. The Fine Arts Museum entrance fee for children is 7.50 GEL. 

Live Performances

If you’re looking to attend some live theater & dance performances with your kids, check out the Gabriadze Puppet Theater, the newly renovated Rustaveli Theater, the Griboedov theater, and the Tbilisi Opera House. You can see all current showtimes and ticket prices for these live events, and more, on tkt.ge.

You can also find more live events through the Tbilisi Events Facebook page in English, and the Children’s Events Facebook page, although this is often in Georgian. 

Bowling & Arcade Games  

If you’re looking for interactive options, East Point mall offers a bowling alley, a kids fun zone with games and indoor rides, and even an i-max movie theater. For those close to the city center, the Galleria mall at Freedom Square also offers bowling and a movie theater. Finally, City mall in Saburtalo also offers a kids activity zone called “Magic City”, and a movie theater. You can find the movie show times for all of these theaters on tkt.ge

If your kids enjoy challenging puzzles, check out Escape Room Tbilisi in Saburtalo, which features Harry Potter, Pirate, and Dracula-themed escape room puzzles. They also provide costumes for participants to wear to add to the fun. They charge 75 GEL per person, with a maximum of 6 players in one room. Teams can also compete against each other for the fastest puzzle-solving times. 

Arts & Crafts

Art Tent holds occasional art events and bilingual workshops, such as drawing, sculpting, and papier mache, which you can find out about through their Facebook page here


Lumos yoga studio offers classes just for kids, as well as family yoga classes, in both Georgian and English. You can find more information about their current class schedule, rates, and any special courses on their bilingual website. 

If your kids like bouldering, the SK Lucky climbing gym offers what is currently the biggest climbing wall in Georgia. A 1-day pass costs 20 GEL and includes chalk and shoe rental. 

For winter sports in Tbilisi, Arena #1 offers a new ice skating rink, where you can skate 40 minutes for 20 GEL (including the skate rental). 

Finally, lots of gyms in Tbilisi, such as Prime Fit, also offer special group exercise classes just for kids. You can find more details about these options in our article on the best gyms in Tbilisi here


If you have any suggestions for activities we can add to this article, please email at info@expathub.ge and let us know!

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