VAT Qualified Status Application / Registration Service

“Qualified” VAT status allows your company to claim back local VAT.

Basic VAT registration only provides you with “un-qualified” VAT status, which allows you to claim back reverse-VAT paid on the purchases of foreign services, but does not allow you to claim VAT paid on local expenses (i.e., products and services where you paid Georgian VAT at the time of purchase).

If you are eligible for qualified status, our team can assist with the process of applying and arguing with the RS to get the status approved.

If you’d like professional help getting this right, our VAT service includes:

  • VAT registration (if required/requested)
  • Collecting your details and building the case for qualified status
  • Presenting your case to the RS and handling all communications with them on your behalf
  • Feedback and assistance to you throughout the process

NOTE: It is only possible to get qualified status if your company is actively trading in Georgia and collecting input VAT from your customers. If your business income is not VATable, as all your customers are based outside Georgia, then it will not be possible. Contact us for advice.