If you’re looking for hospitals in Tbilisi with European standards, highly trained staff, and state of the art equipment, there are three major general hospital options that will satisfy those criteria. Also, some specialist hospitals for specific needs. Every type of medical care you would expect is available, from maternity to oncology, with surprisingly affordable pricing.

The healthcare system in Georgia has come a long way in recent years and is now considered one of the most advanced in the Caucasus region. There are numerous high-tech hospitals in Tbilisi with highly qualified staff and state of the art equipment.

According to Transparency International, around 90% of all hospitals in Georgia are privately owned (40% by insurance companies, 30% by individuals, and 20% by other enterprises). 

This article will provide a general overview of both the quality and range of services that these hospitals provide.

The 3 Best Hospitals in Tbilisi

For general hospital care in Tbilisi, these 3 are going to satisfy the needs of most foreigners visiting, or living in Georgia. All of the international level options are private hospitals in Tbilisi but the cost of services are extremely reasonable. Because of this, some foreigners choose to pay outright for medical care as needed, though medical insurance is also a reasonably priced option for expats. 

Evex Clinics

Evex hospitals in Tbilisi

Evex Clinics represent one of the biggest private hospital chains in Georgia, with around 35 facilities total (7 of which are located in Tbilisi) throughout all regions of the country. Their widespread availability makes them a convenient option if you happen to need urgent care outside of Tbilisi. Their services are quite extensive as well, ranging from Adenectomy all the way to Urology, and everything in between. In Tbilisi in particular, they have at least one clinic available in every district. 

Their website is easily navigable with three language options available. There you can find all the services they provide as well as a list of doctors in the clinic of your choice. A quick consultation chatbox is available if you have any questions. There is also an option to book a visit through the website, however, that option is temporarily unavailable (at the time of writing), so for the time being you would need to call for an appointment.

Georgian is the primary language of staff and doctors at Evex. Though some do, of course, speak reasonable English, it would be advisable to call in advance to check that the specific doctor you will be meeting will speak excellent English, or take someone with you to translate. You will likely have better luck finding English speakers in Tbilisi clinics, but once you’re outside of the capital, the language barrier will likely become a problem.

When it comes to quality of service, it would be wise to consult the reviews left by other patients. As with most things in Georgia, one should take these with a grain of salt. There are many complaints about appointments not being on time and overcharging for services, but there are also praises for the staff and doctors being highly professional.

Evex Clinics Summary: A huge network of hospitals with every type of hospital care you’d expect.

Website: evex.ge/en

Phone: 0322 550 505

Map Location: Google Maps

New Hospitals

Established in 2011 in accordance with European standards, New Hospitals is one main private hospital in Tbilisi with 285 patient beds offering a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services. They aim to replicate the quality of high level European hospital service in Georgia. 

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of New Hospitals is their close connection to European hospitals. Their equipment is state of the art and is continually being updated to match their European counterparts, and their staff members are regularly sent out to gain new qualifications and experiences (both in and outside of Georgia). The hospital puts great emphasis on upskilling their employees with foreign training and qualifications, in order to further increase the quality of care they provide. 

Similar to Evex Clinics, their website is also well-designed and multilingual. There you can find a list of the various services the hospital offers, as well as a list of the doctors working there. The ability to contact the hospital directly from their website using Facebook Messenger is also an option. 

According to reviews by various patients and visitors, their service is a mixed bag. Although many customers praise New Hospitals for their modern technology and expertise, there are some complaints about long waiting times and delayed appointments. However, this criticism is not exclusive to New Hospitals, as most medical centres in Georgia also suffer from this issue. Fortunately, many reviewers note that most of the medical staff at New Hospitals speak good English and are easy to communicate with, apart from some issues with receptionists. 

New Hospitals Summary: International level general hospital with continuous focus on matching European standards. 

Website: newhospitals.ge/en

Phone: 0322 190 190

Map Location: Google Maps

Gagua Clinic

Gagua Clinic

Established in 1997, this clinic is the first private maternity hospital in Georgia. Although their expertise leans toward maternity and reproductive health, they also offer a wide range of services and are considered one of the best hospitals in Tbilisi.

With over 20 years of experience and ultra-modern medical equipment, this clinic prides itself in providing top of the line medical service and a comfortable environment for patients. With large amounts of loyal and long-time patients, it is usually at the top of the recommendation list according to both locals and medical experts around the country. Though the clinic building itself is from the ’90s, it has been refurbished and modernized to look and feel very welcoming and comfortable for adults and children alike.

Their website is multilingual and has a friendly yet functional look to it. They offer a detailed overview of their services with clearly listed price points. They also provide the ability to chat live with a clinic representative, as well as to book appointments straight from the website. 

Patient reviews are once again mixed, though they appear to depend on the type of service. Delayed or cancelled appointments are almost universally reported by reviewers, along with complaints about the lack of organization, and the dysfunctional queuing system. On the other hand, the staff and doctors are praised as being highly professional, very welcoming, and having a working knowledge of English.

Gagua Clinic Summary: International standard maternity and childcare hospital with some other medical facilities of a more general nature. 

Website: gaguaclinic.ge/en

Phone: 0322 532 221

Map Location: Google Maps

Other Smaller, More Specialized Hospitals

In addition to the above-mentioned hospitals in Tbilisi, there are also smaller, more specialized clinics available.

One of these is the Iashvili’s Children’s Hospital, established in 1966. They offer comprehensive medical services for underage patients and are considered to be one of the best hospitals in Tbilisi if your little one needs medical assistance. 

There is also The National Center of Surgery, established in 1946, which specializes in various forms of surgery as well as some outpatient services.

Tbilisi Central Hospital is a multi-profile medical center, popular among the locals, offering a wide range of emergency and outpatient services.

Aversi, a pharmaceutical company, is a rising star in the Georgian hospital industry. They have a dozen multi-profile medical centers in Eastern Georgia, with 6 located in Tbilisi and 6 more located in the surrounding regions.


Overall, there are many hospitals in Tbilisi worth consideration when seeking medical assistance. Determining the best for you or your loved one can be quite difficult, given the fact that they share many of the same issues plaguing the healthcare industry in Georgia these days. 

Evex clinics are a good option for someone who prefers convenience and accessibility throughout the country, without the extra bureaucratic hassle of moving your medical history from one place to another. However, they do not have stellar reviews, and you may run into language barrier issues. 

New Hospitals offers perhaps the most comprehensive assortment of medical services with top of the line equipment and staff, most of which have brought experience from abroad. However, they only have one location in Tbilisi. 

The Gagua clinic is probably the best option for those seeking maternity care, as it has been one of their major specializations for over 20 years, and their family-friendly atmosphere adds an additional level of comfort for most patients. 

However, when it comes to finding the right health care provider for you, it is often less about the clinic or facility, and more dependent on the individual doctor or caregiver. Finding the right match for you often requires further research to make sure you get the right care from smaller independent clinics. In addition, you will likely want to learn more about the Georgian health insurance industry, which you can read more about here

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