Did you know? If you are traveling to Georgia (country), you may need a Georgian Immigration Visa.

Many expats come to Georgia with the hopes that they can directly apply for residency. However, in some cases, there are additional requirements that must be met before applying for residency.

In this article, we will discuss the cases when an applicant is not a citizen of one of the countries under Georgia’s “visa-free” regime, which means that before applying for residency, they will need to get the appropriate immigration visa.

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Any cross-border movement requires an appropriate legal permit. The permit that confirms an individual’s right to enter and/or stay in another country, or transit the territory of another country, is known as a visa. There are many different types of visas, which vary in their functions, but for the purpose of this article, we are going to focus on Immigration visas. Visas and Residence permits are regulated under the Law of Georgia on the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons.

Immigration Visa Sub-Categories

Immigration visas, aside from enabling foreigners to apply for residency, may also allow foreigners to conduct labor activities, work as contractors, perform entrepreneurship activities, live in Georgia with their family members, live in a property owned in Georgia, etc. In Georgia, the Immigration visa is called a “D-category visa” and it is divided into several sub-categories: D1, D2, D3, D4, D5. We will take a look at each of these sub-categories below.

D1 – This visa is intended for those who plan to conduct business or labor activities, or similar activities in Georgia. In case of employment, the applicant should also be registered in the unified database of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Defence of Georgia.
D2 – This visa is for foreigners arriving in Georgia on scientific, sports, cultural or educational missions or for voluntary/internship work.
D3 – This visa is for foreigners who arrive in Georgia for study purposes.
D4 – This visa is intended for those who plan to reunify their family members in Georgia.
D5 – This visa is for individuals who, under the procedure established by the legislation of Georgia, have the right of ownership of real property within the territory of Georgia (other than agricultural land) with its market value exceeding 100,000 USD equivalent in GEL, and their family members.

Individuals who are planning to visit Georgia for long-term purposes may apply for one of the above-mentioned sub-category visas. An immigration visa can be issued with the right of multiple entries. Its duration is typically 90 calendar days, but for a D5 immigration visa, it can be granted for one full year. 

The application for an immigration visa may be submitted to the relevant embassy of Georgia. Although Georgian embassies are not located in every country, in most cases, there is at least one embassy in the region, which will allow citizens of other countries to submit their visa applications. 

Where Can You Apply From?

It is possible to apply from the state of which you are not a citizen if (a) you have a valid multiple-entry visa or a valid residence permit of the country of residence, and (b) the effective term of the above visa or residence permit of the country of residence is 3 months longer than the term of the Georgian visa you have requested. You can also apply within the territory of Georgia, but the application shall be submitted no later than 45 days before one’s lawful stay in Georgia expires.

Application Requirements And Timeline

Here you can familiarize yourself with the essential documents for the visa application:

  • Application form
  • Passport (travel document)
  • Personal photo according to ICAO standards
  • Document proving the purpose of travel
  • Document proving sufficient financial means (except for D5)
  • Proof of accommodation (except for D5)
  • Travel and Health insurance (except for D5)

The authorities may also request: (a) an additional document/information; (b)  an interview with the applicant to obtain additional information or to confirm the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted documents/information. 

The above-listed documents should be submitted both in electronic and material form. Furthermore, the documents shall be submitted in Georgian or in English language. The document drawn up in another foreign language must be submitted together with the duly certified Georgian or English translation. In addition, every document is subject to international validity rules (apostillization/legalization).

After an appropriate visa application is submitted, the government makes the decision on the issuance of a D-category immigration visa:

  • within 30 calendar days (except for D5).
  • within 10 calendar days in case of a D5 immigration visa.

What Could Be Grounds For a Rejection?

The decision of issuance or refusal of a visa application will be made based on the documents submitted and the material obtained by a visa-issuing authority. Even if you adhere to the procedures and submit all necessary documents, it might not be sufficient to obtain an immigration visa. The following list outlines grounds for the rejection of the application:

  • if you do not have the documents necessary for entering Georgia as provided for by the legislation of Georgia;
  • if you have been banned from entering Georgia or have not paid a fine imposed for an unlawful stay in Georgia;
  • if you have submitted incomplete or false data or documents for obtaining a visa or for extending a visa validity period;
  • if you do not have health and accident insurance or sufficient funds to reside in Georgia and to return to your point of origin;
  • if your stay in Georgia poses a threat to the state security and/or public order of Georgia, or to the protection of the health, rights, and legitimate interests of citizens of Georgia and other persons residing in Georgia;
  • if your stay in Georgia is unacceptable because of foreign policy considerations;
  • if there is a reasonable doubt that you will unlawfully stay in Georgia after the visa validity expires;
  • if you do not provide information about your identity and purpose of travel, or provide false information.

The refusal may be appealed within 10 business days.

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