The benefits of the Georgian tax regime (for example, low tax rates) and reduced bureaucracy are some of the factors that contribute to many individuals relocating to Georgia.

Regardless of these, there are some cases when the Revenue Service (Georgian tax authority) mistakenly misjudges regarding the existence of tax obligations. This can sometimes lead to being fined unfairly, resulting both in frustration and heavy financial consequences. 

Other cases that involve disputes are when individuals or legal entities have legal claims against one another. This can be on the basis of a written or verbal agreement, or a breach of statutory provisions.

Whether you require a tax opinion issued by the Revenue Service or have a tax or legal claim, our tax specialists and licensed attorneys have the necessary experience to help you deal with such cases.

Advanced Tax Rulings

You have a new innovative idea and you have decided to execute it. But your business structure seems unclear from a tax perspective. You can ask our tax experts to request an Advanced Tax Ruling (ATR) and make your case in front of the Revenue Service agents.

At the end of the process, the government authorities will issue an Advanced Tax Ruling which gives you full clarity as to what will be your tax liabilities. Thus, our team helps you avoid headaches and maximizes your chances of getting your preferred outcome.

Tax Appeals

Has the Revenue Service misqualified your case and fined you? Our tax specialists will provide consultation, assist you with filing a tax appeal, and represent your interests in front of the Dispute Resolution Board.

Dispute Resolution

You have somehow found yourself in a dispute. Someone has put forward a claim against you, or you have a claim against someone.

There are multiple ways of resolving a dispute. This includes negotiation and mediation – resolving amicably, as well as arbitration and litigation – presenting your case in front of a judge or arbitrator.

Our lawyers have experience in each of these dispute-resolution methods.


Each ATR, tax appeal & dispute is unique. The time required is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and the payable service fee is determined accordingly.

If you wish to get a quote, we advise you to discuss your case with one of our specialists and make an informed decision about your options.

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Levan Chkhenkeli
Levan Chkhenkeli

Levan is the Head of Tax After 5 years handling multi-million dollar businesses for Ernst & Young, Levan's expertise led him to head up our tax law department.