For referral partners of ExpatHub.GE. The below rates represent the commission paid to partners upon successful, qualified sales from leads they refer. Please check your referral contract for more details.

Last updated December 27th, 2023

Business Registration
Company (LLC) Registration1,500 to 4,132.5 GEL10
Company (LLC) Document Renewal1,500 GEL10
Freelancer / Individual Entrepreneur Registration550 GEL10
Virtual Address390 GEL10
Virtual Office800 to 3,000 GEL10
Freelancer / Individual Entrepreneur De-registration550 GEL10
Small Business Status Termination550 GEL10
Virtual Zone Company Registration1,500 GEL10
High Net Worth (Tax Residency)2,000 to 6,500 GEL10
Hourly Services
Paid Consultation – Managing Partner & Tax Specialist600 GEL10
Paid Consultation – Managing Partner & Legal Specialist600 GEL10
Paid Consultation – Licensed Attorney300 GEL10
Legal By The Hour300 GEL10
Legal Translation By The Hour150 GEL10
Administrative Assistance150 GEL10
Legal Services
Real Estate LegalVaries10
Power of Attorney400 GEL10
Power of Attorney (Remote)600 GEL10
Contract Drafting – Standard Contracts600 GEL10
+ Additional Customisation By The Hour300 GEL10
+ Additional Copies200 GEL10
Contract Drafting – Custom Contracts By The Hour300 GEL10
Visa & Residency Services
Visa1,200 GEL10
Student Residency1,000 GEL10
Work Permit OR Residence Permit Based On Property Purchase OR Residence Permit Based On Family Reunification1,200 GEL10 
Investment & Permanent Investment Residency1,500 GEL10