Georgian Assistant (GA) Program

Concierge Meets Task Rabbit.
Save Time, Money & Stress.

Frustrated trying to solve everyday tasks that would be simple back home?
Your GA will solve your problems quicker and cheaper than you can. 

Get Things Done (For You) In Georgia.

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  ExpatHub's GA Program Connects You To Bilingual Assistants Who Will:

Save You Time

GA does tasks you don't want to
GA achieves Georgia related tasks quicker than you could
GA completes tasks without your supervision (we supervise)
Don't waste time trying to hire someone, we already vetted and manage good quality staff
Call for solutions anytime during GA hours, less waiting
If your time is worth more than $10 per hour, why do admin yourself?

Save You Money

GA gets you local prices (avoid foreigner pricing)
GA knows what the local prices are so won't let you get ripped off
GA can provide suggestions for cheaper options than you might have thought of or known about
Cover the cost of your GA with those savings
Don't pay for a full time assistant, just buy into the GA hours you need

Reduce Your Stress

Stop wasting energy on tasks your GA could solve easily
Stop getting frustrated with vendors who can't speak enough English, let your GA sort it
Peace of mind, having someone who can help and not imposing on Georgian friends to do admin for you
Forget handling hiring & firing, sick pay, holiday pay - we deal with staffing
No annual holiday leaving you without an assistant for 4 weeks, we always have someone available

What Can Your GA Do For You?

Our GA program includes a 10 hour per month retainer

Not sure how you'd use 10 hours per month of assistance? 

Once you get used to assigning tasks, you'll probably want more than 10 hours!

Below are just a fraction of the random tasks you could assign to your GA.

Translation & Communication

  • Accompany you to appointments to help with translation and negotiation.

  • Making calls to anyone you need to communicate with, landlords, building maintenance etc.

  • Handwritten notice in Georgian slipped under your door, or in your elevator etc? Snap a photo and send, and your GA will translate.

  • In a store, salon etc. and having trouble communicating, call your GA and they will tell the person what you need over the phone.

  • Help with any sort of over the phone negotiation for purchases, services and more (some restrictions apply).

  • Will call customer service helplines in Georgia and sit in the queue and get your problem solved.

  • Translate important documents from your doctor etc. Or any other documents you receive (restrictions apply).

  • Sachuqrebis aqciis dasrulebade darcha dge 3! Not sure what this says? Your GA will send you back an English translation of latinized Georgian that cannot be translated accurately online.

  • Call a store to find out if they have the item you want in stock, or can order it in, or deliver it to you etc.

  • Made a mistake order with a vendor online, GA calls to fix it quicker than getting a response by email.

  • Allergies? Scan the ingredients list on the back of any food product and GA will let you know what is in it.

  • Fix Georgian translations done on google translate (From English to Georgian)

Supply Tasks

  • Get firewood delivered to your home, or pretty much anything else that an app can’t help you with.

  • I want X product - GA sources where to find unusual items that you don’t want to order on amazon because they are bulky, perishable, too expensive, unavailable for import delivery.

  • Enjoying a bottle of wine at a restaurant? Send us a photo and your GA will source the location and price to buy in Tbilisi, and can get a delivery arranged or even order direct from the vineyard (in some cases) to get you a wholesale discount.

  • Want a fresh goose or turkey for christmas? Your GA can source local produce you won’t typically find in the supermarket.

  • Sourcing you props and items for a costume party or to make a costume (Yes, our GAs did this).

  • Can’t find the medicine you need at your local pharmacy or on glovo? GA will call pharmacies to find the product.

  • Find locally made versions of international products that are cheaper than ordering from abroad (Real example: Maternity pillow)

General Assistance & Admin

  • Make appointments anywhere, from salons to doctors and more. Just because the doctor speaks English, doesn’t mean the receptionist does…

  • Call direct to hotels to negotiate discounts for direct bookings (undercut

  • Source and book you a rehearsal room with instruments provided to practice with your band, or solo.

  • Call around local pharmacies to check which day/time visiting doctor will be in-house.

  • Help you book bus, train or marshrutka tickets (local transport and cross border transport providers)

  • Get you a cone for your cat who just had an operation and the vet doesn’t supply it (yes, we actually helped with this)

  • Print documents and get them delivered to your home (Fees for delivery and printing apply)

  • Basic admin and data entry tasks - if you don’t use your monthly hours on “GA” tasks then some types of VA tasks can be handled.

Vendor Tasks

  • Need a nanny, cleaner or other help? Your GA will set up interviews with candidates who meet your requirements.

  • Need help moving house? Your GA will get you movers and coordinate what they need to move and when.

  • Book a private driver / transfer / car rental at the local price.

  • Dropped your phone? GA sources options near you to get it fixed / replace battery etc.

  • Source good English speaking doctors, dentists and other specialists for your exact needs and location

  • Source any other vendors you might need: Vets, Plumbers, Electricians, Handyman, Mechanics (restrictions apply)

  • Get your internet / phone / TV package installed / fixed / updated

Urgent Assistance

  • Electricity / water etc. went out? Your GA will call to check if it is just you or the whole street and what time it will come back on.

  • Need urgent help with a serious situation, during hours, our GA can bump you up the queue to get your problem solved quickly. 

  • In a minor car accident with another vehicle where they don’t speak English? Call your GA to negotiate with them and the police.

  • In trouble at any time and not sure what is happening and how to solve it? Call us.

NOTE: In a true emergency please call 112 for assistance. We are not a substitute for emergency services and take no liability on being unable to help in an emergency. We can only help during GA hours.

Research Tasks

  • Find you a selection of restaurants that meet your requirements (Places with a view, fine dining, with live music, Uzbek cuisine, best bbq ribs etc… Expat approved suggestions) then your GA will book you a table.

  • Need to hire a venue for a function / wedding etc. Your GA will source options and do all the negotiations.

  • Organising an event? Your GA will help with event planning eg. booking catering, entertainment and more (Some limitations apply).

  • Planning anything in Georgia, your GA can save you time on internet research and calling vendors directly for information. Is a place open today? What are the entry fees? Is the location of their store correct?

  • Perform any other type of internet research about Georgia


  • Any tasks relating directly to other ExpatHub Services, such as legal translation, real estate, tax and accountancy services.

  • Services related to tour packages and/or destination weddings. These are handled by our tourism partner Eat This! Tours

  • Anything inappropriate, dangerous (including health risks) or demeaning.

  • Fees for anything other than the GAs time, phone calls and messages. ie. Excluded costs, include but are not limited to: Delivery fees, taxis, printing, etc. These expenses can be deducted from your monthly retainer. For large expenses, your GA can help you organise transfers of payments direct to vendors.

  • Magic. Our assistants will work hard to get results, some things though, are simply not possible in Georgia. We'll try to assess your request before putting the work in and let you know if it is impossible. But if we do put the hours in and it doesn't work out, refunds are normally not possible.

The GA Program

How It Works

Our GA team is a shared resource. You buy in to a monthly package shared with other expats. We manage the GA team, you just message/call whenever you need help.

You'll be amazed at how many tasks your GA can take off your hands, from finding a trustworthy vet (with local prices) to translating over the phone when you are struggling at a shop, booking appointments, setting up interviews for a nanny or cleaner, sourcing hard to find products, and much more.

Expat Managed

We know your struggles! And we train our GAs to understand those struggles. We are also on hand to direct your GA if they encounter an unfamiliar request to make sure they understand what is required.

Tbilisi Based

Your GA is based in Tbilisi, knows the city well and is ready to help with both virtual and in-person tasks.

On Call During Working Hours

11am to 6pm Monday to Saturday. Call/message our GA hub on whatsapp or viber and we'll get your task to an available assistant to get you a solution as soon as possible. Or our operator can help immediately (for example, with on the spot translations). 

Monthly Retainer

Pay upfront for a 10 hour per month retainer. Buy more hours as needed (subject to availability). Hours do not roll over each month.

NOT INCLUDED: Cost of deliveries, taxis & expenses. The retainer covers your GA's time only. Expenses count against your retainer fee.

Keep Track Of Your Hours Used

Our GA team tracks all your tasks & expenses in a spreadsheet you can view so you can see how long each task took and when it was completed. So you always know how many hours you used and have left each month.

Register Free For Your GA

This program is currently by approval only and there is a wait list. Register here and we will be in touch if and when we can offer you a spot.

WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING THIS SERVICE TO NEW CLIENTS (2022 onwards). We'll update in the future if we reopen the program.

It's free to register. If you are approved to join and then accept, the 10 hour minimum monthly retainer is paid in advance by bank transfer (standing order).


330 GEL (Approx. 130 USD) Per Calendar Month
Includes 10 hour monthly retainer (does not rollover). Additional 5 hour blocks (subject to availability) can be purchased for 150 GEL (these do rollover).
Cancel your monthly contract anytime but to return to the program at a later date you will be on the bottom of the waitlist. No refund on current month if cancelling, unless 0 hours have been used, and you are less than 7 days into the period.
Our GAs can solve your day to day task headaches. Availability is limited. To qualify, you must be on the wait list (free to register).

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