Your Personal Account Manager
Property Selection Concierge
Property shortlists of available properties that meet your criteria. Handy comparison tables.

Pre-viewings of properties, including photos and videos.
Concierge in-person viewings (we collect you)
Remote/video viewings
Language Barrier
Purchase Price Negotiation
Purchase Terms Negotiation
Step-by-step guidance throughout the purchasing process
Legal Work (min 1500Gel)
Due Diligence
Pre-Purchase / Purchase agreements
Local PoA (Power of Attorney) (450Gel)
Property Registration Fee, 4-day (150Gel)
Property Inspection (1200Gel)

Connecting you with Rental Management Companies
Connecting you with contractors for repairs/renovations
Assisting with transferring utilities after purchase
Time, hassle & expertise
Sell-Side ServicesExpatHub Real Estate Purchase Assistance
❌ Property Inspection✅ Property Inspection