As of Wednesday 25th May 2022, ExpatHub will require extensive KYC from prospective Russian & Belarussian clients.

Our previous policy of a 50% surcharge in the form of a mandatory charity donation to Ukraine humanitarian aid, from 11th April, has been discontinued, though we encourage all clients to consider donating. The money collected during this short-lived program has been donated. Our new charity recommendation going forward is Safe Haven.

The basic summary of the changes and reasoning for installing KYC is here:

  • It has become very clear that the unprovoked war in Ukraine, initiated by Russia, under the support of Belarus, is not just an illegal war, but is a humanitarian crisis involving ongoing and multiple war crimes, in breach of the Geneva convention which Russia is a part of. 
  • This is no longer just Putin’s war, it is Russia’s war. The Russian populace has stood by Putin for years, through multiple unjust wars, and there is a point where social uprising and justice must be brought about by the people, as has happened throughout history.
  • Person’s connected with Russia & Belarus whose activities have any sort of benefit towards the governments of those countries, should not be supported in any way, including provision of services to assist them in Georgia, by our company or any other.
  • The initiative of extensive KYC was an alternative to us simply refusing assistance to Russians and Belarussians, as we also understand that some of those fleeing may have done so in order to be able to act against their own country from the outside. We’d rather help those wanting to make a difference, than to indiscriminately block everyone from doing so.
  • We will assist Ukrainian citizens who were displaced by the war and arrived in Georgia, by providing services free of charge under any circumstances we can. Please note at this time due to the languages our staff speak we can only assist English speaking clients and within the capacity of the staffing we have.

ExpatHub stands with Ukraine through this unprecedented time and our hearts go out to those who are suffering unnecessarily because of an unprovoked, illegal war.

How You Can Support Ukraine

Organized by the Tbilisi City Hall, a large-scale aid collection point has been established on 5 Akaki Beliashvili Street (Dighomi) since March 7th. Since then, several tons of aid packages have been sent to Ukraine, and the collection is still ongoing. This effort is the result of direct cooperation between the Georgian and Ukrainian governments to ensure that all of the aid is distributed to those who need it most. They are requesting non-perishable goods only.

Lokal Tbilisi has also been coordinating a collection on a smaller scale in Vake, 42 Vasil Petriashvili Street. For a complete list of collection points around Georgia and other ways to support Ukraine, visit here.

ExpatHub will be donating client contributions to Red Cross Georgia’s Ukraine donation drive. Since July 22nd 2022 our chosen charity for donations is now Safe Haven.

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Tom Williams
Tom Williams

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