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ExpatHub runs a wide range of essential expat services. Though our largest departments are law and accountancy, we are more than just a law firm. We are a hub for business, social and everyday expat life. Our team brings together a diverse set of skills to help expats from all over the world navigate Georgian life and bureaucracy.

Janar Kokk

Managing Partner. 15+ years of experience planning business tax structures worldwide, Janar is our top expert on watertight structures with minimal tax leakage.

Tom Williams

Managing Partner. In charge of all non-legal dimensions of ExpatHub, Tom also manages client needs for relocation, real estate, residency and immigration related matters.

Levan Chkhenkeli

Head of Tax. After 5 years handling multi-million dollar businesses for Ernst & Young, Levan's expertise led him to head up our tax law department.

Nina Tabatadze

Head of Accounting. Nina leads the accounting department and is always looking for ways to legally reduce your taxes.

David Kvitini

Executive Director. David oversees all the departments and ensures a high level of service delivery. He is constantly looking for ways to improve the company's performance and efficiency.

Gaga Mamuchishvili

Head of Legal. Specialized in general commercial and corporate law, with a master's in Comparative Private and International Law, Gaga leads every legal process of the company, including real estate, immigration, contract law, and various other transactions.

Nina Mamatsashvili

Head of Corporate Relations. Nina is developing and maintaining current relationships, as well as improving and exploring new partnership/referral opportunities within the local and international market.

Laila Collman

Head of Customer Happiness. Laila is the touch point between our customers and our team, ensuring standards for company-wide communication, and maximum efficiency in meeting customer requests.

Brian Loughnane

Head of Real Estate Services. Brian is our expert in the Georgian Real Estate market, with a deep understanding of the buying process, and focused on representing  client interests.

Ana Eristavi

Project Manager. Ana establishes community relationships with vendors & clients through the ExpatCard special project, always looking for new opportunities to improve services.

Dea Merlani

Gvantsa Maziashvili

Otar Vakhtangashvili

Gvantsa Solomnishvili

Kato Bakuradze

Juba Tavkhelidze

Iliko Gelovani

Mari Chanadiri

Mari Chanadiri

Nino Melikishvili

Gvantsa Lomidze

Giorgi Guntaishvili

Giorgi Guntaishvili

Nino Eristavi

Mari Tolordava

Anna Charbadze

Nino Kasabashvili

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Ana Eristavi

Project Manager

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